Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Stock markets around the globe are bleeding red ink but that’s okay considering how badly inflated share prices are.

Did I mention that we have a serious criminal problem inside the corporate world that encompasses the entire Justice System? (Which is just another name for our government.)

There are two things you never want to see mentioned in tandem, the corporatocracy and the government, whose sole purpose is to PROTECT US FROM THE CORPORATE PREDATORS!

As we all know, since the Reagan Revolution what passes for our government has done an abysmal job of protecting us, from anything!
July 24 marks three years since the last time the federal minimum wage went up. Nationwide, as corporate profits have not only returned to pre-financial-crisis levels but hit record highs, millions of workers are still trying to survive on $7.25 an hour.

A new report from the National Employment Law Project [PDF] found that more than one in four private-sector jobs pays less than $10 an hour—and those jobs are mostly with large corporations, not small businesses. Of the 50 largest employers of low-wage workers, 92 percent of those were profitable last year —and three-fourths of them are doing better than they were before the recession.

The article goes on to name the ‘usual suspects’ as the worst offenders, ironically skipping the financial sector entirely…like the person working the drive up window at the local bank is earning a living wage!

One out of four! Certain private sector jobs have ‘unusually optimistic’ income expectations attached to them making the real ratio of low wages to better than average wages is more like a fifty-fifty split. Half of private sector jobs pay less than $10 an hour and the other half only offer the potential to earn more!

How sad is it good citizen that the majority of the jobs ‘created’ since the collapse of the financial sector pay minimum wage and again, the majority only offers ‘part time’ employment?

What did I say yesterday about working for wages you can’t live on?

It’s NOT your employer’s problem; it’s YOURS!

What do the crack-heads in Congress think about these civilization destroying developments?

Pass the campaign donations please, it’s an election year!

Which is to point out that the tone-deaf mother-fuckers DON'T 'feel our pain', nor will they until we slip the noose over their greedy necks, then it will be over all too soon!

And what do you suppose the major donors to either side of the political fence are, er, ‘buying’?

More of the same!

No prosecutions for the criminals and no wage relief for beleaguered and besieged US workers.

What we’ll get from either candidate is a lot of ‘jaw-boning’.

The incumbent is a ‘proven’ do nothing and the challenger isn’t likely to improve matters any.

For the first time in my long life the choices have never been more abysmal.

It speaks volumes of the now defunct Democratic Party that the incumbent is running ‘unchallenged’ when he has to be one of the most unpopular presidents of all time!

Which is to opine that you don’t reach this level of voter dissatisfaction and expect nothing to happen.

Will we make it to November or will my prediction from two elections ago come to pass and ‘election day’ won’t happen due to too much ‘civil unrest’.

I’m still ‘favoring’ a (veiled) conservative take over of the government, which will display a stunning ‘bipartisan coalition’ in the vanguard.

And I think we all know that this unknown ‘revolutionary force’ will be the representatives of the >One Percent.

We’ll be bowing and scraping to our new ‘royalty’ before we know what hit us.

(Not for long if I’m not mistaken.)

The ‘backlash’ from this decidedly ‘unpopular revolution’ will be most ferocious.

What will our European cousins do when their armed forces are committed to supporting the fledgling royalists on a foreign shore?

I don’t think the ‘average’ European wants the royals back; although there are some who would be eager to reclaim their ‘ancient, noble lineage’.

But again we’re talking a relative handful.

Just as the > One Percent is really a tiny minority with a boatload of (mostly stolen and ‘completely imaginary’) amounts of what currently passes for ‘wealth’.

Richie Rich is only ‘paper rich’…and only as long as the (criminal) court system decides to back his claims.

Richie Rich is a ‘poser’ and it’s high time we stripped him of his ‘props’ (which actually belong to us all!)

We will NEVER achieve a sustainable society so long as ONE (asshole) is permitted to claim ‘I own this.’

And no, the answer isn’t a bunch of assholes owning anything in tandem because the non-owners always end up taking it in the jugular!

The answer is NO OWNERS and NO ‘employees’.

The question, good citizen is, ‘are we wise enough to understand this?’

The current political system has proven it is NOT!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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