Friday, July 6, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

The Dow opened down 150 points, supposedly on, er, ‘tepid’ job numbers. Talk about hell, the economy needs to add almost 200,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth so what, precisely, is ‘tepid’ about falling 120,000 short?

Make no mistake about it good citizen, the civilian labor force continues to grow every day whether there are jobs for those workers or not.

So what are we to make of headlines like this:
Job Growth Remains Tepid; No Dent in Rate of Unemployed
By CATHERINE RAMPELL 2 minutes ago

The economy added 80,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported on Friday, which is not enough to significantly reduce the backlog of unemployed workers. The jobless rate remained at 8.2 percent.

Economix Blog: Reaction to June Jobs Report, in Tweets 8:54 AM ET
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Ms. Rampell is no ‘rookie’, she’s been around long enough to know these figures suck BUT the people who cut her paycheck don’t want to upset the people they work for/with so we, er, ‘put lipstick on the pig’ and pretend it’s a poodle.

Which, in her defense, she KNOWS the economy has been ‘falling behind’ for the past four years. However, the people who cut the paychecks want YOU to believe things are getting better so the ‘shortfall’ that 80,000 jobs represents for a labor force already in excess of 230 MILLION; over a 30 day period really is a farce!
Thus do we end up with reports like the one below:
Wall Street Lower After Jobs Report
By REUTERS 52 minutes ago

The main stock indexes were down about 1 percent after the Labor Department said employers hired at a weaker-than-anticipated pace in June.

Is it fair at this point in the game to parse ‘weaker than anticipated’ to ‘weaker than hoped for’ after so many missed expectations by so-called experts?

Once again we are cautioned that monkeys throwing darts would be correct more often than these apparently clueless experts are!

Which brings us to my favorite ‘hobby horse’ (that I continue to flay relentlessly) the labor force continues to rise while the labor force ‘participation rate’ continues to fall.

What do you suppose we should make of these circumstances, good citizen?

Who do you suppose is doing the cha-cha on this particular batch of the Grapes of Wrath?

Some of you would opine that it is me and you wouldn’t be completely wrong. I didn’t grow the grapes nor did I nurture them, I am merely pointing to what has always been there.

And, ironically, that is exactly how those who do ‘nurture’ these gross inequities in our society defend the practice, they’ve always been there!

Like the question of ridding ourselves of them is somehow pointless.

But they pooh, pooh that, preferring to imply that darker and more evil inequities are waiting behind these so called minor injustices to fill any possible gap created by eliminating them.

It’s the old ‘devil you know’ ploy.

Well good citizen, the fuse on this ticking time bomb resides in the ‘participation rate’. The greater the number of people left with zero prospects for the future, the higher the likelihood of a catastrophic failure of the system.

The system isn’t designed to ‘warehouse’. It is designed to ‘exploit and dispose’.

The hyper-extension of unemployment benefits coupled with the dramatic increase in federal food assistance is, quite naturally ‘unsustainable’.

But they can do it because all ‘money’ is ‘funny’ (literally meaningless.)

And while it disturbs some of you to read me repeating this message, it doesn’t dilute the interpretation you fear.

What interpretation is that, good citizen?

That ‘work’ is an exercise in futility…you don’t work for YOU, you work for THEM, making YOU the CHUMP!

Do the ones at the top ‘work’?

NO, they don’t need to because fools like you do everything for them!

But wait good citizen! The icing on this true ‘shit sundae’ is when our betters exclaim (proudly in fact) that this is THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS!

THEIR ‘God’ put YOU here to SERVE THEM!

Is it any wonder an increasing number of us have no use for ‘spirit in the sky’?

Worse, it goes a long way towards explaining why these people consistently treat ‘The Help’ like shit…because THEIR GOD made YOU to be ‘disposable/replaceable’.

Now, after reading this, let me ask you.

Don’t you feel like walking right up to one of these smug bastards and straightening them out with a slap upside the head (with a brick in your hand)?

(And it goes without saying that you’d be foolish not to finish the job by crushing their skull with the brick on the down swing…)

Just a little smirk for you as we ease on into the weekend,

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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