Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

In honor of the holiday, today’s treat will be a ‘free-form’ piece from yours truly, essentially starting with what I’m NOT going to write about and ending with the usual rant somewhere deep off of the reservation.

Which is to admit I deleted yesterday’s Alternet article outlining yet another version of wishful thinking of how we could ‘resurrect’ bankrupt capitalism.

Like we all wouldn’t know what to do if we suddenly found ourselves free of indebtedness…

Just an opinion here good citizen but I think the ‘closet Libertarians’ over at Alternet believe the rest of us are ‘one trick ponies’.

Since capitalism is all we know, capitalism is all we can handle.

And these are the self-proclaimed ‘successors’ to the Democratic movement…

No wonder conservatism is looking more attractive to the average citizen, at least they stand for something…something weird and unidentifiable but at least it’s more than a shrug and a sigh!

Which is the main reason why I’m NOT parsing the latest proposal by the closet Libertarians, hell bent on retaining a government centered on private ownership.

Um, while most of you DIDN’T learn this from your history teacher (and you had history every year once you got into middle school) they never once mentioned that the central focus of our ‘constitutional government’ was not HUMAN RIGHTS but PROPERTY RIGHTS!

12 years of school, six years of specific history ‘indoctrination’ and not once do they mention what the ‘primary focus’ of our government is!

You, oddly enough, are led to believe our government was founded on the principles of justice and liberty for all. It is only after you leave school that you learn, if you learn at all, what the ‘central founding principle’ of this nation really is.

And once you know, you sort of understand why they don’t go advertising it, yet another reason why a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean really is ‘a good start’.

Because you learn right up front what this country is all about the minute you enter Law School.

In fact, if you’re headed for law school, chances are that somebody has taken you aside and told you this bit of trivia…along with them telling you in various ways that ‘the rabble’ don’t ‘appreciate the truth’.

Because seriously good citizen, the general public is largely ignorant of the, er, ‘focus’ of our justice system…(although the fact that the post constitution United States still permitted human slavery should have been a big tip-off.)

And literal slavery only ended with the advent of a new kind of slavery, wage slavery.

Part of the reason our civilization is collapsing upon itself is wage slavery. We no longer produce our own food and must sell ourselves in order to obtain sustenance.

This barely worked in a less populous time…now that there are more of us we are left with the question of what do you do when there are no buyers?

And the answer is whatever it takes…with YOU usually ending up in prison for a crime committed out of ‘desperation’.

But try to get the capitalist to admit they created this situation…you’ll have better luck fitting a camel through the eye of a needle!

Which brings us to the second part of this little, er, ‘exercise in education’…that we have a justice system that isn’t centered on justice at all, all they give a shit about is ‘ownership’!

How can we share this world of our if our courts are only concerned about ownership rights?

This is another little conundrum the criminals don’t want you thinking about…

And he’s your old pal Gegner, polluting your mind with this ‘there’s no need to go there’ stuff!


And that, good citizen, is the essence of the ‘capitalist trap’. By preventing you from asking the right questions, they totally avoid the issues they don’t want to address!

That’s why our politics are rife with non-issues like Gay rights and compulsory healthcare (and just because its compulsory by no means makes it ‘universal’…although there will, like here in Massachusetts, be a ‘free’ version that NO DOCTOR is required to accept. How’s that for You’re On Your Own. (Remember ‘yo-yo’?)

Did I mention this was going to end in a rant that takes us way off the reservation? I think I did.

Gay rights are important to gay people but we can only wonder why they have to petition the government to get them, nobody (except conservative politicians) really gives a fuck.

Which is to say under a ‘just’ government, sexual orientation wouldn’t even enter the equation.

And what would constitute a ‘just’ government to you, good citizen?

Would it be one that focused on who owned what they had NO RIGHT TO CLAIM FOR THEMSELVES or one that was focused on liberty and justice for ALL, with a focus on HUMAN RIGHTS, not OWNERSHIP RIGHTS!

So as you settle down to celebrate 236 years of, er, ‘Independence’, take a moment to consider how well that’s working out for the > One Percent…(since the rest of us are ‘non-persons’.)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



  1. Though I sounded down in my last comment, rest assured that I'm in complete agreement with your assessment. This masquerade is coming apart at the seams and the Emperor will be revealed in his naked splendor before long. The only question is how much misery and suffering will have to be endured before our eyes once again see the clear light of day.

    As far as health insurance goes, a la Obamacare, don't worry about it one bit. I live in MA as well, and have seen the 'wonders' of Romneycare. The part you have to pay attention to is the 80/20 rule for premium spending and reporting. There is a large amount of talk in the Health Insurance sphere in MA, as many companies are questioning the profitability in a system where they can't lie nearly as much as they once could. They don't like having to tell just how much money they waste, and they're contemplating getting out of the healthcare game once and for all.

    Though this will bring some short term suffering, you can bet universal health care will be much easier to achieve once there are no insurance providers in the state willing to insure people that are less than perfectly healthy.

    Whether it be at the business end of a gun, or at the point of a pen, the people of this country will surely rise up and reclaim what has been and is being stolen right out from under them.

  2. Thank you for easing my mind!

    I sincerely wish there were a peaceful solution to the pending disaster but I am perhaps too pessimistic to hold out hope for such an outcome.

    Sure, there is a bloodless future if you are willing to sacrifice your freedom and your children's future...and then only for as long as they have a 'use' for you.

    Not my idea of 'living', if you'll pardon my boldness.

    Many changes need to be made and I sincerely doubt those who need to make those changes will do so willingly.