Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ballot Box

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Markets opened ‘up’ but were heading back down as of mid-morning in fact it had the precise appearance of a ‘nosedive’…but you never know, those traders may pull out of it in time to save yesterdays record 293 point gain.

Again, for absolutely no apparent reason.

The global economy is still in operative and so is the global political system, as evidenced here

Before pressing on I would like to point out that the, er, ‘psychologist’ being quoted is a Brit and he provides us an example of what WE look like from across the pond.

Rest assured I will chime in with my ‘opinion’ as to why working people vote Republican.
Here's a more painful but ultimately constructive diagnosis, from the point of view of moral psychology: politics at the national level is more like religion than it is like shopping. It's more about a moral vision that unifies a nation and calls it to greatness than it is about self-interest or specific policies. In most countries, the right tends to see that more clearly than the left. In America the Republicans did the hard work of drafting their moral vision in the 1970s, and Ronald Reagan was their eloquent spokesman. Patriotism, social order, strong families, personal responsibility (not government safety nets) and free enterprise. Those are values, not government programs.

The Democrats, in contrast, have tried to win voters' hearts by promising to protect or expand programmes for elderly people, young people, students, poor people and the middle class. Vote for us and we'll use government to take care of everyone! But most Americans don't want to live in a nation based primarily on caring. That's what families are for.

One reason the left has such difficulty forging a lasting connection with voters is that the right has a built-in advantage – conservatives have a broader moral palate than the liberals (as we call leftists in the US). Think about it this way: our tongues have taste buds that are responsive to five classes of chemicals, which we perceive as sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savoury. Sweetness is generally the most appealing of the five tastes, but when it comes to a serious meal, most people want more than that.

Right out of the box I’d opine that this is about as ‘Ivy Tower’ as you can get!

I would further ‘opine’ that comparing British conservatives to our own ‘neo-cons’ is like comparing apples to elephants!

The Brits actually HAVE a monarchy, here the pretentious assholes merely pretend to be ‘gods elect’.

Why do our ‘working people’ vote for obviously odious conservo-nazis?

The answer is as simple as the spineless Jellyfish the Libertarians run as democrats!

The obnoxious Republicans may be repugnant but at least they stick together!

The spineless democrats stood and watched while the conservo-nazis stripped the working class of union protection and off-shored 99% of our productive capacity.


You don’t need ‘psycho-babble’ to figure this one out.

Did I mention I suspect the wing-dings at AlterNet (who are supposedly ‘progressive’ are in fact Libertarians?)

That is why we see so many articles like this one.

The Brits would call it ‘rubbish’ (and we should too!)

Which brings us to the union busting conservo-nazi’s victory in Wisconsin yesterday.

It seems the mindless masses in Cheeseland think the only time a politician should be ‘rebuked’ is when he is guilty of mal-administration.

So it appears the ‘union busting’ falls right into the governor’s bailiwick as far as the people of Wisconsin are concerned.

Again, we only have the ‘pretend democratic’ view on this upset. My gut tells me the corporate owned media reported the outcome they desired and flipped the public the middle finger!

But we have no way to prove that…and there will be no such thing as an independent probe to examine the ballots, not going to happen.

Pseudo-democracy is already on mighty shaky ground as it is.

We don’t need ‘proof positive’ that the media has been ‘fixing’ elections for the past hundred years to surface just months before the next presidential bid.

Yeah, it is little ‘demonstrations’ like yesterday that make the working voter throw in their lot with those who would exploit them.

Because ‘choice’ has become an illusion, although I must admit, the ‘illusion’ is wearing thinner all of the time.

Look at the choices being presented to us this November…a ‘burn and churn capitalist’ and a make believe Democrat who doesn’t deserve a second term.

Yes, we need look no further than the current occupant of the White House to learn why ‘working people’ vote against their own interests…because voting their interests produced nothing…and that’s the hell of it good citizen.

We come full circle to the ‘what can we do about this’ problem?

They have already shown us the outcome of the November elections and sadly that outcome is ‘more of the same regardless of who they crown.

And most of us have had more of this than we can stand.

Will we make it to November?

We’ll see.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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