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Greetings good citizen,

Personally I find it difficult to figure out how they’ve kept it glued together over the past four years…not that there have been any overt reasons to revolt.

Well, the ‘foreclosure crisis’ was kind of a self-inflicted wound. Most of the borrowers KNEW it was ‘too good to be true’ so few were honestly surprised when irresistible force smashed head on into rock solid reality.

Home values can only climb as high as a buyer’s salary. And the past three decades of the global race to the bottom found salaries pretty much ‘stagnant’.

You can hang any stupid price you want on your ‘stack of lumber’ but that doesn’t mean the greater fool is going to come along and pay you that amount!

(Although it was not uncommon during the run-up to the crisis for herds of them to come along and bid up the asking price to get their foot in the door of the next big thing.)

How ironic is it that this is the sort of shit banks are supposed to prevent?

Worse, now banks are borrowing money from the public just to keep their doors open!

(Seriously, how ‘insane’ is that? Isn’t this what ‘bankruptcy’ is all about…but what can we expect from people who are obviously ‘unclear’ on what a bonus ‘is’, never mind when you should be awarded one…)

More interesting is ongoing disaster created by the business owner’s alliance:
Claims for Jobless Benefits Rise
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 41 minutes ago

The Labor Department said weekly applications for unemployment benefits were up last week, while the Consumer Price Index dropped 0.3 percent in May.
Now wait a minute Slim, you know this is being done just to ‘sour’ Obama’s chances of re-election this November.

Although I personally believe the fact that he has run ‘unopposed’ speaks volumes about the current state of the Libertarian dominated Democratic Party.

Sort of makes you curious as to what they’ll do if Mitt doesn’t get elected…although I suspect we’ll be just as fucked either way.

Let’s suppose we put all of the doom and gloom aside and look to the ‘bright side’.

As you WILL note, the economy ISN’T getting any better…and that’s unlikely to change if the status quo remains unchallenged.

In fact, in case you didn’t notice, the economy is actually (albeit slowly) getting worse.

This is how you ‘slip’ into Banana Republicdom.

And remember good citizen, this IS looking at the ‘best case’ scenario here.

More ‘chicken scratching on the wall’, energy prices…they haven’t been discovering any ‘new’ energy reserves so the ones we’ve got continue to be depleted at an alarming rate.

Someone recently observed that we are already on a ‘see-saw’ where energy prices climb and the economy tanks, causing energy prices to drop which results in a ‘faux recovery’ where energy prices start to climb again!

Suspect this coming winter we will see energy prices rise and stay there.

The unspoken question is how much will they rise and what will we do when people start freezing to death in large numbers?

Will it be ‘too late’ to riot then?

I know, let’s wait and see what happens…who knows maybe next winter will be milder than last winter (although that’s not how it went in Europe…)

Do any of you actually BELIEVE things are going to get better?

I’ll bet you DON’T, you just (mistakenly) don’t think they will get ‘much’ worse.

And that’s where you’ll be proven, er, optimistic.

(Not to put too fine a point on it but the Donner Party started off as ‘optimists’.)

More disturbing is Hollywood’s recent obsession with Zombies…a creature that is only a half a step removed from a (very real) cannibal.

Don’t think there are cannibals around? You haven’t seen ‘hungry’ yet!

But I digress, we are SUPPOSED TO BE looking at the ‘bright side’ here.

How fucking sad is it that capitalism doesn’t offer us a ‘bright side’ once resources are reset to ‘finite’ (and I’ll kill you if you touch mine!)

Because we all know how the game is going to play out if the adults don’t return, pronto.

Which is to make another plea to remove the criminals from power and bring them to justice before they abandon ship, taking the ‘keys’ with them.

Naturally, this is where ‘be careful of what you wish for’ comes into play. One of the things that keeps us watchdogs up at night is the likelihood of a ‘witch hunt’ where ‘semi-innocent’ people are thrown under the bus while the guilty make their escape.

We can look at things like the Forbes 400 list but what we don’t know is how ‘complete’ that sort of list is…especially during a time like now, where ‘class animosity’ is out in the open.

You can bet a lot of ‘truly wealthy’ people have ‘done what it takes’ to keep their names off of those lists.

The top ten probably have contracts with Blackwater to ‘spirit them away’ if the shit hits the fan, the rest are rolling the dice.

So, will the social clock turn back a hundred years or a thousand when the energy crisis hits full stride?

Sadly, good citizen, a hundred years is only going to happen if the adults return in time, if not…it’s ‘barbarian time’ all over again!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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