Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hard Reality

Greetings good citizen,

In case any of you were worried, the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace, thanks largely to the efforts of the ‘free-market conservo-whackos.’

Like our first ‘snippet from today’s business section of the NY Times, the Dow was DOWN 15 points and pretty much ‘down’ around the world as of this writing:
Markets Edge Ahead

Stocks on Wall Street started out positively as investors awaited domestic economic reports.

Now the chart shows a positive start so the fuckers are not blind but the ‘ski slope’ that leads to the current negative reading is just short of straight down.

Who knows, it could turn right around and shoot up 200 points FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON…(it’s happened before.)

Now I need you to take a step out of time with me for a few moments while we examine another example of ‘belaboring the obvious’ that has been going on for the past decade.

The Zero Growth phenomenon also known as ‘wage stagnation’, the toxic by-product of the global race to the bottom.

Not only are workforces around the globe shrinking but so is the workers ‘purchasing power’.

For more than a decade it has been pointed out that the past THIRTY years have seen Zero Growth in personal income…in fact, in most cases the mean income has declined since the Seventies.

Defenders of the free markets counter that our ‘standards of living’ have increased but that is false, they have not because along with wage stagnation we have also seen a geometric rise in ‘personal indebtedness’…and not just for ‘toys’ (as the free-market happy talkers like to point out.)

Well Bubba, how many of you think, nay, BELIEVE this situation is going to ‘turn itself around?’

More succinctly, what do you suppose it is going to take to turn this long series of negative hits into even a short burst of positive action?

Can you say ‘revolution’?

Don’t say no, many people who see no value to the senseless killing that accompanies revolts will be right there, lopping off heads right beside you because NOT fighting will NOT be an option.

Although those of you who have survived this long on your knees will probably NOT stand up in time and you’ll be slaughtered where you grovel.

Them’s the breaks.

Join me in the present once again as we take a quick look at the future that is preparing to bowl most of us right out of our complacency…
With No Vote, Taxpayers Stuck With Tab on Bonds

Surprised taxpayers are finding themselves obligated for parking garages, hockey arenas and other [civic necessities]

Yup, you voted for it and now you’re gonna have to pony up for it…NOW! As your tax starved city or town starts defaulting on its bonds (debts) the creditors are going to come after the townsfolk looking for their money.

What do you suppose is going to happen when this shit lands in court?

Will your town be forced to lay-off it’s teachers and firefighters to pay for the new traffic lights in the center of town? (the ones that automatically bag drivers who run red lights and cost twice as much as the regular ones?)

Yup, local businesses, on the edge of closing their doors (because, believe me, business is ‘drying up’ and they aren’t gonna be able to keep their doors open much longer.) are going to be asking towns for tax breaks so they can stay in business a while longer.

And if the town refuses, they’ll stay open anyway and close their doors when the tax lien hits the mailbox.

In yet another convenient bit of ‘foreshadowing’ we have this story which asks, ‘how much is enough?’:
Credit Suisse Said to Plan New Round of Layoffs in Europe
By MARK SCOTT 48 minutes ago

Credit Suisse, which announced a major restructuring effort last year, may reduce the work force of its European investment banking division by as much as 30 percent.
Good thing their US business is solid, we don’t need anymore lay-offs over here!

But it’s all connected, isn’t it?

And nobody can put a finger on the lynchpin that will make it all collapse in a heap (but there is little doubt that there is ‘monumental’ strain on that particular weak point.)

Just the other day someone was sounding the ‘cyber-warfare’ siren again.

In my novel it is an insider cyber attack that levels the world’s financial markets (while simultaneously destroying the evidence) that results in TEOTWAKI. ‘Unforeseen' wildfires that decimate the population thwart efforts to ‘restore order’…

But hey, it’s fiction. What makes for a good read isn’t how it’s going to go down, is it?

I’ll be the first to admit my central character is lucky beyond belief (being the ‘god of the book’ has it’s advantages.)

But that aside, we have to ask ourselves ‘would the guilty go as far as to crash the world’s financial markets to ‘muddy the waters’ surrounding their various crimes?

It’s not as ‘far-fetched’ as one might imagine…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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