Saturday, June 2, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Needless to say the destruction of our civilization proceeds unhindered. In yet another demonstration of serious cognitive dissonance, the corporate owned media once again has the chutzpah to state that the ‘wizards of money’ [The Fed] will now be motivated ‘to Act’…whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean?

Which naturally begs the question of what the fuck they’ve been doing for THE PAST FOUR YEARS?

Anyway, on with this morning’s snapshot:

Jobs Report Makes Federal Reserve More Likely to Act

Federal Reserve officials are reluctant to provide further stimulus, but the slowing rate of job creation suggests they have not done enough.

Feeble U.S. Job Growth Stokes Fears of Global Slowdown
Economix Blog: Jobs Forecast Shifts the Electoral Outlook

President Obama, at a stop at Honeywell International on Friday said, “Our economy is still facing some serious headwinds.”
Slowdown in Growth Could Reshape Fight for Presidency

Friday’s weak employment report was a potential turning point, focusing new attention on the economic implications of the partisan standoff over tax and spending policy.

Interactive Feature: Jobs Remarks: A Comparison
Wall Street Tumbles 2% on Jobs Data

Interest rates are already effectively zero so what CAN the Fed do besides print money?

And you know what happens when they start shoveling money out of the open doors of helicopters, don’t you?

We get Zimbabwe Time (featuring Zimbabwe prices like bottled spring water, only a billion dollars a bottle!)

Yes good citizen, the world becomes a very frightening place when we ALL become billionaires.

Hell, it would be a nightmare if we were all to become overnight millionaires thanks to the gross mismanagement of the people (nominally) ‘in charge’.

But don’t take my word for it, you’re going to find out for yourself, ‘firsthand’ because the fuckers still refuse to fix the economy they broke by exporting pretty much all of Western Civilization’s JOBS!

This brings us to the ‘second half’ of today’s ‘snapshot’.

What the fuck does ANYONE think ‘Willard’ Mitt is going to do differently?

I have heard an ‘empty-headed’ Republican vocally supporting the Romney presidency because he ‘believes’ the old Mittster ‘understands’ business.

I mean, maybe he’s right. He sure took enough of ‘em apart (not that any of them survived being ‘dissected’, after the ‘profitable pieces’ were sold off.)

This is Presidential choice number two…not that it has ever been the President’s job to create jobs.

And at the end of the day, this is what the corporate owned media will come out with.

It’s not the President’s job to create jobs!

But it IS his/her job to PROTECT jobs!

How is BOBO doing in the job protection department?

Federal payrolls are DOWN roughly a million head since he took office but you know conservatives, they HATE ‘big government’…

What’s that? He’s NOT a conservative? Oh, he’s a fucking whacko Libbie, that explains everything! The Tea Party will be rallying around him come November…

What’s that? Oh, the Tea Party thinks he’s ‘not an American’. Well, maybe they can convince Arnold to run now that he’s served his time running California into the ground!

WHAT! The Governator isn’t an AMERICAN Either!

What kind of party are these conservo-loonies running around here anyway?

[All joking aside good citizen, it is time to seriously ask ‘what the FUCK is going on around here?’]

Even more disturbing is how the whack-job conservatives are always blaming things on some imaginary people they call ‘liberuls’.
Seriously good citizen, can YOU point at a single ‘liberal’?

I’ll bet you can’t.

Just a hint but the D after the name no longer identifies ANYONE as being a ‘true liberal’.

Just as the only thing the R after someone’s name tells you today is they are:
A.) Old and
B.) Psychologically unbalanced.

The pop quiz for today is:

‘Would you vote for a political candidate who had signed a ‘no new tax’ pledge?’

If you would then you are demented and should be disqualified from voting because you obviously don’t understand what government is about.

And that’s the hell of it, good citizen.

We have too many voters who are clueless about the ‘purpose of government’, just as they are clueless about the purpose of commerce.

This will not stand.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


(Disclaimer: Under A Simple Plan there ARE NO TAXES…but there are also no candidates for ‘elected office’ so you’ll never be asked to vote for one!)

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