Thursday, June 21, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Temporarily on the back burner the mis-labeled ‘Greek debt crisis’ isn’t going anywhere.

Um, stock markets around the globe are tanking at the moment but I have little doubt the mysterious forces that defy all logic will push them back up to new highs (again)

And I will once again remind you that the >One Percent are, for the most part, only rich ‘on paper’, a really dodgy reason for share prices to rise ‘inexplicably’.

So what of the Euro-Zone? (Because we all know it’s not just the Greeks or the Mediterranean countries that are, er, ‘wiped out’.)

Take away Germany’s luxury cars and what’s left? Same thing as Japan…not much.

Worse, factor in that the US accounted for the bulk of BOTH nation’s sales and now where are you?

Ironically, building ‘luxury cars’ in China will only keep those who profited from the ‘desertification of the West’ in bad ass wheels. You’re left with a market too small to keep even a single manufacturer running.

But the ‘criminal class’ doesn’t care, if it keeps the ‘mud people’ clubbing each other over the head instead of prosecuting the people responsible for bankrupting the global economy, so much the better!

But the ‘progressives’ at Alternet keep their eye (and by extension, yours) on the ‘little picture,’ just like the Corporate Owned Media:

1. Pretend Politics. Prior to the June 17 vote, Greek voters were intimidated with a massive number of threats from Germany and elsewhere of what would happen if they didn't vote "the right way" (i.e. anybody but the "radical leftists" in Syriza who would have negotiated harder with the financiers). The conservatives barely led the vote count from their main anti-austerity rival. Yet New Democracy leader Antonis Samaris suggested in his victory speech that the results reflected a vote for "growth." There is more than a touch of Orwell at work when you can redefine the kinds of programs the Greeks will be forced to swallow as "growth policies." Germany's suggestion to cut the minimum wage, for example, will only take more money out of the pockets of regular people, which, as Keynes taught us, further weakens the economy.

But it looks like the Greek government will continue to plug away at austerity. And the "Troika" -- the three organizations that have the most power over Greece's financial future, namely the European Commission (EC), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB) -- will continue to pretend that such policies will ultimately lead to a Greek economic recovery. There will be some fake advertising about Europe making it easier on the Greeks, but it will be a "something" without substance.

Have a gander at the (now old) Keynesian argument about removing income from a society.

What these fucktards fail to point out is ‘Keynesian stimulus’ only works in a ‘closed’ society! (Where those who are paid more CAN ONLY buy ‘locally made’ products.)

Take your typical US highway worker and give him an extra $100 to spend, it does the economy ZERO good if he goes out and buys a new Chinese big screen TV!

Do that and the Chinaman goes out and has steak for dinner, the people living in cardboard boxes down the street get nuthin.

Perhaps the question should be is it going to take YOU being moved into a cardboard box before YOU give a shit?

If the attitude of today’s youth is anything to go by that is precisely what its going to take…

And the Devil take the hindmost!

Um, did I mention that our civilization is crumbling right before our unbelieving eyes?

And yeah, when you move into a cardboard box it will only be a matter of days before they come to collect you to go to ‘the camp’. (This will be a place to hold you in case you entertain any ‘funny ideas’ like revenge or something equally as trite.)

Because you’re ending up in a cardboard box won’t be an ‘accident’ either…and you may even work that out for yourself…eventually.

You have become so used to being systematically cheated and robbed that you no longer find it ‘questionable’.

Well, I’ve got news for you little man. This is NOT your grandpa’s USA!

Take a good look around you and ask your Grandpa (if he’s still around) He’ll tell you straight up ‘Hell no!’

What nobody is talking about is how the ‘game of survival’ has turned into a game of ‘winners and losers’ with the self-styled ‘winners’ pushing the (sorry) ‘too stupid to live’ losers over the edge of the cliff!

What does this mean, good citizen?

The still ‘too few’ ‘winners’ are playing a desperate gamble, that they can dupe enough losers into following them so they can push the hapless but otherwise law abiding ordinary people literally to their death.

The law abiding must die if the cheats have any hope of pulling off their crime against society without being prosecuted!

So if things seem a little ‘out of whack’ to you, don’t dismiss it, you’re right!

The headlines tell you every day of the failure of the justice system on a global basis.

The unhinged (more for me!) conservo-whackos are actively blocking their own prosecution for crimes against humanity.

They have succeeded in creating a global monopoly that has ‘shattered’ the economies of the Western world while they themselves have waxed incredibly rich (on paper.)

We are left to ponder what we can do about this and the answer is:

As long as they retain control of the justice system, we can do NOTHING.

Which means we have to…what?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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