Monday, June 4, 2012

Cyberwarfare Alert!

Greetings good citizen,

As you might expect, markets are down (for the moment…but you know those ‘silly’ traders, they are unable to resist a ‘bargain’ for very long…

So how sad is it that ‘equities’ are (still) overpriced by a factor of ten? (Which is to ask 'what bargain?)

Um, on a more ‘indicative’ note, oil is down to $80 a barrel and Gold is back over the $1,600 an ounce mark. (Just because I call it funny money doesn’t mean the people holding it ‘acknowledge their folly’. Their wealth is YOUR stupidity!)

Just another factor to ponder as our trip down the ‘rabbit hole’ proceeds.

Newspapers Cut Days From Publishing Week

Some daily newspapers are cutting printing and delivery schedules and shifting their emphasis to the Web, but industry analysts warned that such moves might alienate once-loyal readers.
What’s wrong with THIS PICTURE, good citizen?

For those of you unfamiliar with newspaper industry, the subscription cost of having the paper delivered barely covers that expense, paying the reporters and the printing staff is totally reliant on ADVERTISING.

Which should pop the bubble of all of those ‘free press’ idiots!


Worse, a press ‘reliant’ on advertising revenue is/becomes the ‘captive’ of the advertiser!

Guess where non-existent housing, auto and the whole spectrum of ‘personal advertising’ leaves the newspaper industry?

People who are living hand to mouth can’t afford the basic $30 it costs to run a ‘personal ad’ in the paper, especially when you can post it on Craig’s list for free!

Which is to say that ‘cascading systemic collapse I’ve been warning you about, well guess what? It’s begun!

But this is a ‘natural side effect’ of the mis-management that allows the wealth of a society to flow (unhindered) ‘to the top’.

Even more (I am torn between which Alice in Wonderland reference to use) ‘rabbit-holeish’ is the asshat running under the Republican banner is calling for even more tax breaks and ‘free-trade agreements’ to lube an already badly damaged chute!

We (the US Public) are ‘bleeding out’ and these assholes want to cut us again!

And, naturally, the corporate owned media remains mute while it cannibalizes itself.

(How much more ‘Wonderland-like’ does it need to get good citizen before you wake the fuck up?)

Um, now it’s time for a quick trip ‘off the reservation’ as we visit another ‘Doomsday scenario’:
Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning

Eugene Kaspersky says his discovery of the Flame virus adds weight to his warnings of the grave dangers posed by governments that manufacture and release viruses on the Internet.

I won’t ‘candy coat’ it good citizen, if we ‘lose’ the web, life as we have come to know it literally vanishes.

You don’t believe that…everything is ‘backed up’ right?

Wrong. The people who believe funny money is real have drunk their own kool-aid and believe that ‘redundancy’ is expensive (and therefore unnecessary!)

Even worse, any virus worth its salt would take out the back-up systems too.

The destroyers of our society, in their haste to ‘reduce headcount’ have automated the infrastructure of all of western civilization.

Ironically, the only places that MAY escape (total) devastation are in remote Africa or Siberia.

Link time (since we’re going off the reservation, we may as well go ‘all the way’)

IF you were an ‘oligarch’ seeking to extend your control beyond ‘peak oil’, the only sure way to do this is to ‘kill-off’ the ‘surplus population’.

What would be the ‘most efficient’ way to achieve this goal?

By pushing the useless masses into their own cesspool.
[Turn off the lights and the phones, sit back and watch the ‘fun’!]

Totally ‘interconnected’ are the power and communications grids. Better yet, it’s 2012!

How ‘handy’ is that? The Ancient Mayans ‘predicted’ the end of the world…which, suspiciously, NOBODY has a handle on…

Which is not to opine that Mayan ‘end time’ prophecy is any more reliable than Christian end time prophecy!

But at least the Christians left the time factor open so it could be dragged out on an ‘as need’ basis. If the Mayan prophecy doesn’t come through, they have the Christian one in their back pocket as back-up!

Turn off the electricity and the phones for a single week and our civilization would be on the brink of collapse, two weeks and it would take years to rebuild.

Worse, some areas would have to be ‘re-conquered’ from the despots who seized power after the lights went out!

And some of them may not go ‘quietly’.

But the ‘aftertimes’ are a story for another day.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


I’m sure you can find your way back to the reservation from here…and nobody would blame you if you didn’t want to go back.

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