Monday, June 18, 2012

We're All Greek

Greetings good citizen,

Um, Mr. Market is torn between diving for cover and hovering this morning, hoping nobody notices it is just hanging around, slacking off.

Naturally, today’s ‘Big Story’ is the Greek elections which, (surprise, surprise!) held victory for the supporters of ‘bailing out the banks’ and further ‘austerity’ measures for an already crumbling economy.

(Can you say ‘stick em up?)

It seems whoever is pulling the strings of the Grecian media has no problem with it…but maybe he’s paying attention to the richest MEXICAN in the world, who says we should all work longer/retire later!

[This, from an asshole who interprets the minimum wage as also being the maximum wage!]

But I digress (although not as far as the lying media is concerned.)

Um, in case you don’t see the ‘pattern’ that is developing here, look a little closer at how the ‘ballot box’ is performing ‘worldwide’.

Let’s start with Michigan’s ‘recall election’. Apparently while they had no problem collecting enough signatures to put the recall into action, they didn’t have the necessary spark to push the voters into the voting booth!

People wanted to change governors but didn’t like the alternative well enough to drag themselves to the polls for.

And why do you suppose that is?

Because one asshole voting for you without ever consulting you is pretty much like any other asshole.

There’s no ‘win’ there.

And (as the progressives are slowly realizing) there is no win in championing the survival of the ONLY successful unions left in the nation…they are the unions of our oppressors.

These are the unions that back up the demands of the men who come and throw you out of your house when the bank evicts you!

Yeah, there’s a part of all of us who take a measure of satisfaction from watching these guys get clothes-lined by the same greedy fuckers who ordered them to keep the plant entrances clear when we striking for our jobs!

How sad is it that this particular dish has grown very ‘cold’ indeed?

Worse, it demonstrates perfectly the strategy of ‘divided we fall’.

The policeman’s UNION should have ‘backed’ the striking workers when they were struggling against the global race to the bottom, because if they had, (instead of defending the company’s interests) we wouldn’t be in the crisis we’re in now!

I never understood the union’s refusal to engage in ‘sympathy strikes’…although as time goes on it becomes clear that SOME people were well paid to keep their noses out of it.

Yet another crime that will be vigorously prosecuted when the time comes…treachery is treachery, after all.

How sad is it good citizen that the failure to stand up to the over-reaching resulted in the collapse of civilization itself.

And do you know what the greed-heads have to say about that?

They say ‘Oh, fucking well!’

But shamelessness is its own reward…as pathetic as that may be.

Talk about ‘digress’ I’m on the second page and I haven’t introduced today’s snippets!
Market Relief Fades at Greek Election Results

Market relief at the future of the euro zone began to fade by midmorning Monday, as stocks and the euro retreated and Spain’s borrowing costs reached a level seen by many as unsustainably high.

Aftermath of the Greek Vote
By VICTORIA SHANNON 40 minutes ago

Dow futures are down, Germany continues to oppose euro bonds and bank analysts see reasons for continued pessimism.

Worried Banks Resist Fiscal Union

European banks oppose a union, which is meant to encourage the free flow of money in Europe and halt the lending cycle between sick banks and debt-laden governments.

Greek Election Defuses One Crisis, but More Lurk

Greece is expected to continue receiving the international aid it needs to stay afloat, but problems in Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe still need to be addressed.

I think the first story is the most ‘telling’…the ‘last minute’ conservative party is probably held together with spit and barbed wire and has a decidedly nasty agenda hidden up its sleeve for the Greek people.

Thus does its election not bode well for political harmony in the ‘cradle of Democracy.’

Which is to say the banks themselves cobbled up this new party with a wing and a prayer and lured voters to it by dangling the fate of the Euro over its snapping jaws.

And the ‘suckers’ fell for it…for now.

When the bloom falls away we shall see how ‘popular’ last chance, spur of the moment political parties remain.

Which returns us to our original diagnosis…there is NO (nada, zip, zero) ‘cure’ for the cripple banking system via capitalism.

The solution to our broken economy lies in ABANDONING CAPITALISM!

You can find a detailed replacement among the pages of this blog.

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