Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Markets around the world are rallying today, must be those ‘bargains’ because there isn’t a rational reason. Hell, despite their best efforts, the Euro-zone is still on course to crash and burn.

(It’s a damn good thing all money is funny or it would have happened already!) But (for reasons of their own) they’re waiting.

Which is to opine that the underlying plan, as it stands, appears to be to ultimately ‘pull the plug’…probably when they’re ready to ‘crackdown’.

Which is to say I still haven’t backed away from the idea of a ‘coup’ (this time in the open) where the ‘conservo-loonies’ will take charge from the currently paralyzed elected government.

How ironic is it good citizen that some people will welcome this, er, shift from participatory government and will hail the new ‘accountable’ take charge government.

Even if their first act is to ‘pardon/hold harmless’ the parties responsible for destroying the global economy.

Or, under the ‘never waste a perfectly good crisis’ meme, they start prosecuting the long-term unemployed for ‘theft’.

That should make ‘em real popular!

Not that they give a crap, heck, you know they’re doing this for their own good.

Er, YOUR own good!

Not that any of this shit is going to change:

More Young Americans Out of High School Are Also Out of Work

A new survey finds that those without a college degree have dismal job prospects and considerable obstacles blocking improvement.

Economix Blog: How Certificates Can Lift Income

European Central Bank Leaves Rate Unchanged at 1 Percent
By JACK EWING 32 minutes ago

The central bank also said it would maintain its program of low-interest lending to Euro-zone banks through the end of the year.

Stocks on Wall Street Jump 9:33 AM ET

Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up

Officials in Greece said that despite the latest bailout, the government faces a shortfall of 1.7 billion euros because tax revenue and other sources of income are rapidly disappearing.

Europe Is Ready With Aid for Spanish Banks, French Finance Minister Asserts

Tighter Banking Bond Is Proposed in Europe

See, hellacious news and the markets are climbing outrageously, WTF!

Isn’t it nice that they feel compelled to point out that they’re ‘ready’ to bail Spain out?

Again, damn good thing all money is funny or that would NOT be happening!

The part you should be wondering about is where are these fuckers guns and masks?

This whole ‘broken bank’ charade has ‘stick ‘em up’ written all over it!

The question without answer is how much money can they print before it all turns to confetti?

I’d opine there is already ‘too much’ after four years of global life support for a workforce that produces nothing!

Stocks are going up for a reason…just not a good one.

Companies are profitable, but again this is totally due to ‘funny money’.

And those of you who don’t’ think so don’t understand money!

(Ironic how circular logic actually applies here!)

How people can deny that all money starts and ends with a ‘Shazam’ boggles the mind!

It all starts with a piece of paper, damn it!

But we are up against ‘stupid is as stupid does’ once again.
And this is a case of ‘what stupid believes.’

I realize I did not close the loop in yesterday’s post were we asked ‘where are our intellectuals’?

The right certainly enjoys bashing them at every opportunity but they never identify them, which is beyond weird.

Once again we are left to ‘assume’ that they are referring to those who don’t agree with their ‘lofty ideals’ and their ‘chaste world-view’ (how fucking sad is it that their motto is ‘Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out!’)

So, who are this generation’s ‘intellectuals’?

Looks like they’re MIA from here.

Has the media kept them from the spotlight while right wing blowhards hogged the stage?

Is El Rushbo supposed to be what passes for a modern day Aristotle?

Or has ‘the church of the poisoned (conservative) mind’ left us bereft of intellectual heroes due to their deep and abiding hatred of thinking altogether?

Which leads us to some final words of advice…

Don’t let the fuckers catch you thinking, they’ll probably kill you for it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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