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Greetings good citizen,

The fact that I keep stumbling across news items that reinforce my assertions should be enough to demonstrate that I am not some unhinged nutter pulling wild-ass speculations out of my backside (like your typical conservative does.)

The difference is the conservative does it in an attempt to discredit the opposition, (including blaming the Democrats for the adverse outcomes caused by conservative policy!)

Not that there are any ‘real’ democrats anymore.

All that’s left are Libertarians pretending to be democrats…

Geez, how pathetic is that? I digress while I’m defending my sanity!

(And THAT’S pretty damn pathetic!)

Now, back to news articles that I can be accused of twisting out of proportions, we have this article that may be a bit too ‘optimistic’ in its assumption that we could have ‘dumped’ fossil fuels decades ago.
This story is not new. Today, solar energy is picking up momentum. But despite the current numbers and the recent raves, the solar saga, and that of renewable energy as a whole, has been going on for decades. It is a history of false starts and stutter steps.

First, the good news. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), 2011 showed record-breaking numbers for U.S. solar installations. The industry's best year ever saw demand rise by 109 percent over the previous year. With tremendous incentives and benefits for homeowners, and as prices continue to decline, the future looks bright for this alternative energy source.

However a quick glance to the past throws harsh light on the fact that we've been at this precipice before. In 1978, the White House Council on Environmental Quality issued this glowing statement: "Our conclusion is that with a strong national commitment to accelerated solar development and use, it should be possible to derive a quarter of U.S. energy from solar by the year 2000. For the year 2020 and beyond, it is now possible to speak hopefully, and unblushingly, of the United States becoming a solar society."

Um, if the population remained ‘static’ we have enough energy resources to keep the lights and the TV burning.

But that never has been the problem. The problem is getting shit where it needs to be when it needs to be there!

Neither ‘manyana’ or it’s evil twin ‘manyana-ish’ works.

This is the principle cause of ‘cascading systemic failure’, When JIT turns into days and weeks late and there’s no way (or sense) in ‘expediting’ anything.

Remember, one ‘sub-standard’ part is enough to destroy an entire complex mechanism.

Worse, after it fails you have to restart the ENTIRE production cycle over again, this time INSURING the ‘sub’ delivers product that is ‘up to spec’.

The scariest thing I’ve ever heard from a buyer is ‘quality is assumed’.

In a world where quality sources are dropping like flies sprayed with bug killer, you quickly exhaust a very shallow pool of ‘alternatives’.

And remember where ‘profits’ come from under capitalism, good citizen…they come from ‘cutting corners’!

Okay, they also come from overcharging…but the two are NOT mutually exclusive.

In fact it is rather common to be overcharged for junk (like NASA was for the recent failed launch of the private sector rocket!)

But again I digress!

Worse, it is difficult to drive home the urgency you should be feeling about this perilous state of affairs.

Which is to opine that the ‘bean-counters’ should all be shot!

Back-up, there is NO SUBSTITUTE!

But our (even back then) bought and paid for legislators took it into their heads to ‘tax’ inventory if it could be considered a ‘finished good’.

Now if we back up a little, we would find that all money is funny and the purpose of commerce is not to create an ‘artificially rich’ class but to meet the needs of ALL society!

So what ‘good’ came from JIT?

Nada (besides an artificially reduced tax burden…which itself was artificial!)

Worse, food stores, held in reserves after century’s of famine have also been reduced to JIT levels…to promote ‘demand’. (WTF!)

Which is to ask (again) what kind of MORONS do we have running things around here?

Sadly, good citizen, we are about to find out.

Back to our ‘energy independence’ article (and my original point.)

We ‘could have’ weaned ourselves off of our oil dependency decades ago, to the point of having a thriving ‘alternative energy’ sector in our society instead of the ‘stillborn’ rarity we are saddled with today.

Why aren’t we working to ‘stretch out’ our dwindling fossil fuel reserves?

Because of the few who derive their power from the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Who would pay exorbitant rates if there were a cheap and renewable alternative?

Short answer is YOU will because that cheap, renewable alternative has been withheld from you.

I said it yesterday and I’ll repeat it again today, they don’t want you to PAY, they want you to DIE!

The dead don’t vote…nor do they firebomb your factories or your banks…

Just because it is reprehensible doesn’t mean the wouldn’t actually DO it…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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