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Greetings good citizen,

As is my custom from time to time I will lift the data from Mr. Williams SGS site for a less biased look at the, er, ‘State of the Nation’…

Below you will find just the posts for the month of June…maybe it’s me but if I’m not mistaken the volume of alarming data is increasing.

No. 448: May Industrial Production Subscription required June 15th, 2012
• Manufacturers Cut Production, Trying to Reduce Excess Inventories Versus Slack Demand More ...

No. 447: May CPI, Real Retail Sales, Real Earnings Subscription required June 14th, 2012
• Softening Inflation Pattern Is About to Reverse
• May Year-to-Year Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.6% (CPI-W), 9.3% (SGS)
• Real Retail Sales and Real Earnings Revise Lower More ...

No. 446: May Retail Sales, PPI Subscription required June 13th, 2012
• Revisions Eviscerated Recent Retail Strength
• May Sales Fell 0.8% Against Initial April Reporting
• PPI Decline Reflected Oil Price Drop Compounded by Adverse Seasonal Factors More

No. 445: SPECIAL COMMENTARY - Review of Economic, Systemic-Solvency, Inflation, U.S. Dollar and Gold Circumstances Subscription required June 12th, 2012
• Economic and Systemic Crises of 2007/2008 Continue
• Don’t Blame the Economy on Europe
• Global Markets to Turn Against U.S. Dollar
• Hyperinflation Outlook Updated
• Gold Remains the Ultimate Hedge More ...

No. 444: April Trade Balance Subscription required June 11th, 2012
• Trade Data Suggest Negative Contribution to Second-Quarter GDP More ...

No. 443: Employment and Unemployment, Construction, M3, PCE Deflator Subscription required June 1st, 2012
• May Payrolls Up Just 20,000 versus Initial April Estimate
• May Unemployment: 8.2% (U.3), 14.8% (U.6), 22.7% (SGS)
• Annual M3 Money Supply Growth Slowed Further in May
• Construction Spending Stagnation Continued in April
• April PCE Deflator Dropped Below Fed’s Target More ...

Probably just a lot of activity slated to occur mid-month but of the 6 posts displayed, five of them were posted in the past 5 days…
Almost five years after the original crisis the global banking system is still crumbling…because nobody is forcing the bankers to take their losses.

Naturally we have ourselves a fine little ‘catch 22’ going on here. The banks can’t liquidate because there’s nobody to sell to…actually there be a bunch of deep-pocketed rentiers just itching to get their hands on the ‘overstock’ in the housing market.

They’d snap it all up in a heartbeat IF they could get the government to ‘guarantee’ them that they wouldn’t be forced to sell their holdings later on (to break up ‘monopolies’)…or to insure that they wouldn’t be forced to renovate a property before it was ‘absolutely necessary’.

(They’d also ‘hold out’ for favorable tax treatment like not having to pay taxes on properties that weren’t fully rented.)

and then there’s the ‘making it worthwhile’ part of the puzzle. What good is being a ‘slumlord’ if you can’t charge your tenants dearly? You don’t want them saving their money and moving out, you need them to keep paying YOU every spare nickel they get!

Because you see good citizen, in a world that no longer needs workers, collecting rent is going to be the ‘only game in town.’

How much of a ‘game’ it will be depends on how much inequity the future society will tolerate.

We have already turned a blind eye to quite a bit (falsely believing our turn would soon come.)

Now that it is becoming apparent our turn will NEVER come our patience is wearing thin.

Our kids are pauperized while we patiently wait for raises that are decades overdue.

Go ahead and tell me you aren’t still waiting…no, I guess you’re not. Instead your sitting as quietly as you can, not drawing any attention to yourself because you know you’re LUCKY to still HAVE a job!

How the fuck did we come to this good citizen?

How long will we continue to ‘live on our knees’ while our future and the future of our children is sold off piecemeal to foreigners?

How long are you going to let them get away with it?

All economies are LOCAL good citizen! If the local economy can’t support YOU, YOU can’t afford to live there!
And if the local ‘rent collector’ won’t let you get our head above water, you should kill them in ‘self-defense’…it is YOUR RIGHT!

Funny how all of these posts dance/end up with violent endings.

But if you don’t stand up for yourself and more importantly, your defenseless children, they (and you) will become the ‘victims’ of violence.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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