Saturday, June 23, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

By now it has been pointed out endlessly that ‘the media we pay for’ isn’t worth the price. Don’t you find it odd that there hasn’t been a poll lately indicating how little the public ‘trusts’ the media?

One would be tempted to rephrase that the other way around but only the ‘write whatever I’m paid to’ crowd would object to the original wording.

Worse, they actually have gone back and ‘erased’ (fudged past data) so the future can’t be accurately compared.

I’m sure that old data is lying around somewhere but nobody is threatening to bring it out into the light of day because the people who changed how the data was interpreted don’t want to look ‘stupid’.

The few people who were alive during the last Great Depression were small children and they don’t remember much about how things were through an adult’s eyes.

Ironically, they though what they were seeing was ‘normal’.

So the current ‘Great Recession’ is no big deal. They remember bread lines and tent cities…where today we have tens of millions of people on food stamps and living in homeless shelters.

Depression? The worthless media don’t see no depression!

SO we have not only a ‘positive’ performance out of yesterday’s stock markets but we also have stories like this:
“Definitely a bounce here, although it is simply a reaction to how sharp the sell-off was yesterday,” said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment officer of Solaris Asset Management in Bedford Hills, N.Y.

Bank shares rose after Moody’s Investors Service downgraded 15 of the world’s biggest banks on Thursday, lowering credit ratings by one to three notches to reflect their risk of losses from volatile capital market activities.

“The banking world is undergoing a major transformation and a lot of questions about the concept of ‘too big to fail’ and all of that,” Mr. Ghriskey said, “so I’m not surprised to see the new rating levels – ratings agencies are always backward-looking and that is what that reflects.”

Seriously, good citizen?

Don’t you find it curious that ‘insiders’ never question why the market is valued like it is?

My first observation to the press (you have my permission to use it too!) would be, “ Today’s Markets? These people are out of their minds by a good ten thousand points (and that’s being MIGHTY ‘charitable’! A less charitable individual would opine the markets are off the full twelve thousand.)

The question, quite literally, is one of ‘what’ are they measuring (and how many times is that same activity being measured (and attributed) globally?)

IF the public knew how the data was being manipulated, governments around the world would topple overnight.

Maybe you don’t have school aged children and maybe your school aged kids don’t talk about what goes on in school…but my kids tell me what their teachers tell them.

And this ‘rock’ was originally thrown by Fox media, the ‘posers’.

It turns out none of the broadcast media is truthful more than eighty percent of the print media is ‘unreliable’.

You’d fair best on the internet but that’s not ‘policed’ and mostly opinion.

So how sad is that?

And we circle back to something I haven’t brought up in a long time, the ‘impossibility’ of making critical decisions with incomplete/biased information.

Yet we do it all of the time.

What sucks is 99% of the time NOBODY admits the original information has been found invalid and the ‘crusaders’ march on with their mission of death needlessly.

Which brings us to an even more disturbing phenomenon.

The high suicide rate that has been the resulted from the oligarch’s latest ‘war of choice.’

The killing (murder) of the innocent usually comes at a high price.

Ten years and nobody knows why we’re there or what ‘victory’ looks like.

Actually that isn’t true…everybody knows we’re ‘there’ for the oil and victory will come once the pipelines are laid.

Regardless of how little oil there is or worse, how expensive it becomes.
The thing to remember good citizen is if you’re NOT one of them then you’re ‘expendable’.

The only way to (temporarily) make yourself valuable to them is to fight on their side (while the battle lasts, once it’s over, all bets are off.)

It’s Saturday, things to do and people to see…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


If this is a little ‘messy’ it is because it was not subjected to the normal ‘proofing’ scrutiny I normally do.

My apologies.

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