Monday, June 11, 2012

Half & Half

Greetings good citizen,

In a ‘surprising’ turnabout, after markets rallied strongly across Asia and the Euro-zone, they started ‘cliff diving’ around mid morning on the NYSE.

Which is to say, we got a curious ‘half & half’ outcome.

Market Rally Fades Over Spanish Bank Rescue

Bond yields spiked and stocks retreated from their highs as investors weighed the challenges ahead despite Spain securing 100 billion euros in aid over the weekend.

Yesterday I predicted a strong (but irrational) rally (which we initially got) followed by a sudden return to reality.

I did not predict that the turn around would come in a single day but I should have.

Thus the ‘surprise’.

It is news to no one that the Euro-zone is NOT saved, so the celebration in ‘Mudville’ was short-lived.
In Europe, Banks Borrowing to Stay Ahead of the Tide

The intervention in Spain will do little to address a weakness common to Europe’s financial institutions: an addiction to outside loans that provide day-to-day financing.?
Now banks (whose former customers aren’t paying their old loans) are ‘addicted’ to short-term loans to cover day to day operating expenses?

What can be done about the failing global financial situation?

Is it time to close (for giggles) half of the existing banks, just to plug the ‘leaks’?

Actually this won’t plug ANY of the leaks, closing half of the existing banks would merely reduce the leaks to a less mind numbing number.

Well, Steven Keen, a well-known Aussie economist is calling for a ‘jubilee’ and I, for one, agree with him.

We part company on what should happen AFTER everyone has all of their debts ‘forgiven’.

You see, (and maybe he’d agree with me, I can’t read his mind) I would, upon ‘forgiving’ all debt, go the extra step of making indebtedness a crime, thereby abolishing ALL future debt. (or we'll be right back where we started quicker than you can say 'usury'.)

Understand the bullshit we call capitalism is a CHOICE, a ‘self-inflicted wound’ that NEVER HEALS!

Now that we have the ‘opportunity’ to alter course, the other ‘choices’ should be laid out for you to pick from.

This ‘smoke filled room’ bullshit has got to go. Allowing others to choose for us without ever consulting us has driven us to the edge of extinction.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Who knew a scant forty years after St. Ronnie read those words off a tele-prompter we’d be faced with that exact same choice again.

Sadly it is a choice that did NOT get ‘resolved’ 80 years ago.

We (stupidly) gave the capitalists a ‘second chance.’

Take a good look around you good citizen and marvel at what they did with that, er, ‘opportunity’.

Just to explain the ‘stakes’ good citizen, if we don’t stop the >One Percent this time (and bring them ALL to justice) we’re talking the extinction of our species.

Which is a tough position to take considering most of you have already decided ‘humans’ are beyond saving.

But you can’t underestimate the power of ‘perception management’ and our absolutely astonishing capacity for ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Just as the corporate owned media has convinced you that more than 50% of the voting age population votes conservative, it is their ‘control’ over the contents of the ballot box that let’s them get away with this ‘deception’.

The corporate owned media can NOT be trusted…but this is also ‘news to no-one.’

Not that people have had a lot of ‘non-conservative’ choices at the ballot box for the past three decades.

The ‘Reagan revolution’ was more than a ‘war of ideologies’, it was a coup by the very people our government was founded to PROTECT us from!

Ironic to hear (from the corporate owned media no less) how ‘unreliable’ government has become…due to the conservative domination of our government operations.

Worse, good citizen, these whackos have the launch codes!

What should frighten most of you is the idea that our ‘nuclear-armed’ peers have allowed the, er, ‘hostile takeover’ of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal without a peep.

What a change since the phony baloney cold war, the Soviets are now a capitalist nation and the Chinese are now our, er, ‘partners’.

Talk about ‘revolution’!

And here we sit, right where we were a hundred years ago with a seriously broken global commerce system…and the criminals who broke it are holding the keys to our nuclear arsenals…

Can you say ‘fucked’, good citizen?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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