Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have made a lot of predictions over the years and one of them has been the ‘void of power’ play.

When a government is paralyzed into ineffectiveness, the threat of a coup looms eminent.

So it is that we are witnessing the impossible choices of an elected governing body.

Mr. Schäuble told the magazine Stern that he had sympathy for the Greeks, but added: “The Greek minimum wage is just dropping to the level of Spain. If the country wants to become competitive again, it has to sink.”

It has been sinking, Greeks say, as they cut their budgets and think about making Mr. Tsipras, only 37, their new prime minister, to shake up what everyone agrees has been a political system rotten with cronyism and corruption. While New Democracy appears to be running neck-and-neck with Syriza, many say they believe that Europe’s best chance to negotiate a lasting deal with Athens — and to keep down social unrest at home — would be if Syriza is in the government and part of whatever emerges.

“We have a brand new political landscape and it will change a lot more in the years to come, because the austerity collapsed the center,” said Nikos Xydakis, a political analyst and an editor at the daily newspaper Kathimerini. He added that the next Greek government would not have much staying power.

Geez, the things you see when you don’t have a gun! Here we have a crippled global economy and there is dipstick calling for ‘more of the same’!

These idiots are relentless!

We can truly ask if the return of slavery will put an end to the ruinous global ‘race to the bottom’?

What kind of MONSTERS are they? Just look at the question above! What else do you need to know?

While my excerpt comes from the end of the article, the beginning asks the question of whether or not the Greeks will be able to form a government under such impossible conditions.

We hear ‘Progressives’ complaining that ‘austerity’ doesn’t work and they’re right, austerity does NOT lay the groundwork for ‘prosperity’, it only provides the few that have with an excuse to withhold it from everyone else.

‘We’re promoting austerity!’ they cluck happily while their yacht pulls out of the harbor so they can feast like pigs unobserved.

The part that should amaze you good citizen is how nobody (in the media) points to this unbalance and states it is ‘unhealthy’.

Because the ‘propaganda machine’ tells us we all secretly aspire to be just like them (that has more than they can use!)

Oh can you wait until it’s YOUR TURN?

Some one of these days that lucky lottery ticket is going to justify your ongoing support of the ‘selfish assholes’ club.

How sad is it that it is the ONLY reason to vote Republican (not that who you vote for matters, they are ALL corrupt beyond belief.)

And once you join that other club, the one nobody prepare you for (Bankrupt lottery winners club) you might realize you’ve been rooting for the wrong team your whole life.

But ‘hope’ springs eternal an you just know if you did it once that you can do it again.

Although the odds are roughly the same as seeing God, for real, in person…with witnesses!

And still being unable to prove it but watcha gonna do?

Sadly, a full 20 percent of the human population falls into this ‘deluded’ category and gets played expertly by those who have a stake in maintaining the ‘status quo’.

To be a conservative is to support the status quo, wholeheartedly.

Even though the structure underlying the status quo (cheap, abundant energy) is about to collapse.

Now we return to the issue at hand, ‘will the global race to the bottom ‘end’ with the return of slavery?’

Sadly, I predict the answer will be ‘no’.

Because the slavers are NEVER satisfied, there will be minute, quantitative differences between slaves from here and slaves from there that will drive them to work the slaves they have to death in vain attempts to ‘outperform’ the slave holders from elsewhere.

Is a short, brutal life ‘as good as it gets’ for you and yours?

Keep voting Republican chuckle head and that will be what you will get…again, not that it matters who you vote for.

What matters, good citizen, are what you get to vote on!

If you don’t get to vote DIRECTLY on the laws you must live on then others will use those laws to enslave YOU!

Wake the fuck up, damn it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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