Friday, June 8, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Happy Friday (to those of you who still have a weekend to look forward to.) You poor slobs in retail know it’s only a matter of time until your ‘holidays’ are restricted to the time off you’re granted for meals during the coming ‘actual day’ sales events.

As other observers have noted, when ‘nothing’s sacred, anything goes!’

If you refuse to give up your family time during the holidays, they will ‘find’ (because they’re making them as we ponder this) somebody who WILL.

Because the poor bastard will, quite literally, be ‘hungrier’ than you are.

Does ‘desperation’ make ‘good’ employees?

Short answer is No, the extension is also true, the desperate also make lousy citizens (because they already have nothing left to lose!)

‘Compliance’ holds no benefit for them.

Sounds like common sense but take a good look at where we are today good citizens before you start discounting the morons among us.

Wall Street Starts Lower

Stocks fell early on Wall Street before the weekend release of what may be weaker-than-expected trade and industrial data from China.

But once again markets around the world are in ‘vertical take off’ mode corresponding with the opening of the NYSE…and no one finds that, er, ‘remarkable’. (in a ‘fraudulent’ sort of way…)

As Grain Piles Up, India’s Poor Still Go Hungry

Despite surplus grain stockpiles, malnourishment is widespread in India, where politicians are facing pressure to deal with corruption and waste in distribution programs.

Video: A Problem of Distribution
India Ink: What Did You Eat?

Wait a minute Slim, isn’t this the SECOND crisis to slam the world’s second largest population center in as many months?

Remember (it may have been April) but they announced they didn’t have enough coal to keep their generators running?

Can YOU say ‘mismanagement’?

No power AND no food…

I don’t know about you good citizen but it looks like ‘the stage’ is being ‘set’ if you know what I mean.

They have a surplus of grain but hundreds of millions of starving people…

Geez, you don’t suppose it’s true do you? that the only one this capitalism bullshit works for is the capitalist? Hell, India is a microsm of the global labor market, let’s assume that their ‘working aged population’ is roughly in the half a billion region.

Are there a half a billion jobs in the entire world?

The answer is yeah, just barely. So what about the other six and a half billion people all trying to ‘make it’ under capitalism?

Perhaps it would help to look at this from the ‘other end’, the thousand or so people who own 99 percent of everything.

Is this a case of ‘Lucky them’ or ‘Stupid us?’

What do YOU think?

I’m thinking ‘I’m with Stupid!’

But only from the aspect that we ‘allow’ this sort of nonsense to continue…because, in reality, we aren’t given a ‘choice’ in the matter.

And yeah, there IS a degree of ‘maybe someday’ involved as well.

Most of us ‘wish’ it will be us someday although I’d like to think the majority of us are ‘practical enough’ to know it’s never gonna happen.

How ironic is it that knowing you have a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming ‘more than you can spend’ wealthy and this prospect is STILL on an equal footing with your chances of ‘leveling the playing field’…something you actually have a much greater possibility of achieving.

It also boggles the imagination to consider how much better off we’d all be IF we adjusted the ‘stupid rich’ right out of the equation.

(Having more money than you can ‘rationally spend’ IS ‘stupid beyond belief.’)

Yet that is the ‘goal’ to which we all aspire.

The principal difference being putting yourself first (as the selfish Conservatives do) or putting ‘society’ (the world you are but a part of) first, something the now extinct ‘liberals’ strove for.

Which is to opine that the ‘liberal spirit’ lives, it just isn’t represented in our current ‘political landscape’.

How sad it must be to be a communist in today’s predatory capitalist world…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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