Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

After a run up that basically reclaimed the previous day’s losses the markets (worldwide) appear ‘stalled’, unable to decide which direction to, er, ‘slither’ in.

While today’s headline concerns the escalation of hostilities in Syria (where ‘parties unknown” are arming both sides of the conflict. Gee, wonder who that could be?)

Fucking capitalist swine, ‘never waste a good crisis’ (no matter how many innocent people get slaughtered! Heartless cocksuckers!)

Er, which should go a long way towards explaining my ‘no mercy’ stance when it comes to the, er, ‘prosecution’ of the criminals in charge of this disaster…but I digress…

Anyway, today’s business headlines lead off by mentioning this ‘soft start’:

Retail Sales and Producer Prices Drop
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 59 minutes ago

Retail sales in the United States declined in May, the government said, pulled down by a sharp drop in gas prices, which also drove down wholesale prices.

Soft Opening on Wall Street 9:36 AM ET

Um, just a sidebar here but isn’t it weird that they ‘back out’ the price of fuel and food when it comes to computing inflation…so why do the fuckwits INCLUDE those to ‘too volitale to use’ figures when it comes to computing Retail Sales figures?

Could it be for the identical reason they DON’T use them in inflation, they’d ‘distort’ otherwise abysmal numbers?

But now, they have no problem with ‘deceiving’ you into thinking the economy is chugging right along.

It’s not and…could I be mistaken? Do you actually think things are ‘fine’ despite abundant evidence to the contrary?

Um, noooo. You guys are sharp enough to read me so you’re sharp enough to read the writing on the wall.

The signs are all around you. Police departments have ‘restricted’ the use of patrol vehicles to 20 to 30 miles per shift! [That’s a half a step away from not using the car unless you’re called!]

Understand, this is a ‘rural area’ with only three or four cruisers…you can only imagine what this means to a city PD with hundreds of patrol cars.

Oddly, a neighboring PD just purchased motorcycles to patrol a popular stretch of State Park.

This is where I found the ‘admission’ that local, rural PD’s are placing ‘restrictions’ on the use of patrol cars.

Good thing for 911, eh? (Because if you don’t call’ em, they ain’t coming!)

Shifting gears here, how bad do things have to be for mainstream pundits to risk their reputations pleading with insensitive plutocrats?

Books of The Times
Speaking to the Haves, in a Plea to Consider All the Have-Nots

Two new books, Paul Krugman’s “End This Depression Now!” and Timothy Noah’s “Great Divergence,” are an attempt to disabuse the rich of the idea that we’re in a sustainable recovery.

In a world that despises liberals (even though more then half of the ‘haters’ would not be able to successful identify a ‘liberal’ or liberal principles if their lives depended on it…which will come in extremely useful later.) Mr. Krugman boldly self-identifies as one!

Dunno who Timmy boy is but it is likely he’s another ‘middle of the road’ right winger who likes to call himself a progressive if only because admitting you’re a conservative is akin to admitting you never made it past the third grade.

Ironically, while the, er, ‘uber-wealthy’ COULD ‘pool their resources’ and revitalize the Western economy, they have no ‘motive’.

The money already flows straight to them so why would they be interested in changing that?

Worse, they believe they are beyond the reach of ‘justice’…(or, again, worse, it is THEY who decide what is or isn’t ‘just’) so appealing to their ‘humanity’ falls on deaf ears.

They think they don’t have a stake in what they disparagingly refer to as the ‘mud people’. The only race that matters are their fellow criminals!

The Devil they Know, if you will.

How true is it when Fitzgerald (author) pointed out that ‘the rich’ aren’t like you or me? (Opening line of ‘The Great Gatsby’)

Too true, I’m afraid.

We really don’t have anything ‘in common’ with them and it will astonish even the cleverest of you at the ease with which they can be, er, ‘dethroned’.

Simply hit the reset button on the legal system.

The whole knot starts there.

I have said it numerous times, good citizen, we don’t have a ‘money problem’, what we have is a butt-kicking LEGAL problem, starting with those who have taken for themselves that which we all must live under!

It is through this ‘control’ that the criminals among us have enriched themselves at the expense of the rest of us!

Everybody has their ‘hot button’ and this is the one that ties them ALL together.

Cut the knot here and you can re-organize the world!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: A Simple Plan is devised to keep ANYONE for gaining control of the laws we ALL must live under.

So the attack will come ‘secretly’, the usurper will ‘decree’ that they have ‘emergency authority’ to write laws as they see fit, which is, naturally, an exile offense.

So the attacker will have to first find a way to ‘bribe’ those who could prosecute him, either by forming a ‘secret society’ or finding a way to coerce the people in charge of the monetary system into ‘paying off’ those who could/should prevent this from happening.

Funny thing about ‘rot’, you can’t hide it for long.

And when it surfaces the only thing you can do is ‘cut it out’, which exile is intended to take care of.

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