Friday, June 1, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

What a lovely day in the neighborhood we’re enjoying, naturally we’re enjoying it for all of the wrong reasons. Stock markets around the globe are ‘cliff-diving’ for the third consecutive day but I don’t own any stock so, eh, who gives a shit?

But, weirdly, this doesn’t bode well for that fleeting thing we watch the stock market for…

And what IS that fleeting thing we try to track via shareowner prices?

A little thing we call ‘social stability’.

Why watch the stock markets as a monitor of social stability?

Because if ‘Richie Rich’ is doing poorly then the shit tends to run ‘downhill’ and your chances of getting a raise goes straight to hell with it.

That’s the trouble with a system that depends on wealthy ‘doing better’ so they may decide to ‘spread it around a little’, feeding the ‘prosperity cycle’.

Let’s have a little look at how our pal Richie is doing:

Weak U.S. Hiring Adds to Global Gloom

The United States economy gained a net 69,000 jobs in May, the Labor Department said, a dismal showing as the unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent.

Watch how quick the idiot Conservo-loonies are to pin this economic ‘bump in the road’ on the incumbent.

Ironically, they’d be correct (because he has done nothing to fix the irreparable financial sector that melted down four years ago.) But that’s not why the Conserv-tards will blame him, they will blame him for not giving people who already have more money than they know what to do with, MORE tax cuts!

Funny how insanity never corrects itself.

Worse is how the corporate owned media keeps repeating this same sad one note tune.
Economix: Reaction to May Jobs Report, in Tweets
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Wall Street Falls on Jobs Data 10:16 AM ET

The immediate reaction from Congressional leaders to the grim jobs report signaled little movement toward breaking the long, partisan deadlock over fiscal policy.

Euro Zone Unemployment Rises to a Record 11%

Ireland on Friday appeared headed toward adoption of the European Union’s fiscal compact, but stocks fell in Europe after data showed rising joblessness in the euro zone.

Car Sales Keep Up Healthy Pace
By BILL VLASIC 16 minutes ago

Chrysler reported a 30 percent gain in new-vehicle sales for May, Ford said its sales climbed 13 percent and General Motors reported an 11 percent increase.

Apparently people who are not paying their mortgage have plenty of money to buy new cars, funny how one thing makes room for the other.

Because inflation is OOC and NOBODY (outside the ‘executive suite) is getting a raise…so that leaves ‘the homeless’ to support the auto industry!

It may also explain why, in a time of sky-high fuel prices that SUV’s are still as popular as ever.

How sad is it that ‘living space’ now trumps fuel economy?

Which is another ‘red flag’ signaling just how ‘unsustainable’ our current social model has become.

The thing YOU need to wrap your head around is just how far those currently on the top will go to retain their top dog status?

Would they go as far as to ‘exterminate’ you and yours?

Just an opinion here but I’m gonna ‘opine’ yup!

In a heart beat good citizen.

It’s this goofy kind of economic calculus that throws the ‘supply and demand’ theory right out the window.

A strange thing occurs when people start using murder to ‘re-balance’ the equations,once you cross that line,‘more’ is always ‘better’.

It brings us back to the basic question of whether or not a whole planet is enough for a single capitalist?

Ironically, it isn’t…because in order to be a ‘capitalist’ (and not just a monkey marooned on a planet by itself) the capitalist monkey needs slaves to harvest the planet’s resources for him.

Can’t be a capitalist without slaves.

Now there’s a thought to chew over in your mind!

Funny how that ‘freedom’ thing keeps biting us in the backside when we least expect it.

So as the week draws to a close and ‘Massa’ lets you have your ‘two whole days off’, (unpaid), sit back for a moment and contemplate just how ‘free’ you aren’t.

If you dare.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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