Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Panic on Wall Street (again!)

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The, er, ‘stupidity markets’ are tanking (again) over the ‘lack of credibility’ of the proposed solution for the Greek crisis.

Now, allegedly, the Greeks have demanded a ‘referendum’ on the proposed settlement…and it is pretty much agreed that the proposal will be ‘Icelanded’ (or voted down, which is what happened the last time a nation was forced to choose between bailing out its bankers or pauperizing its populace.)

Save your banks or pauperize your people…it seems Iceland made the right choice when it threw the bankers under the bus!

Anyway, after adding more than 500 points on the news that a settlement had been reached, it looks like that has all come unraveled now that the, er, ‘victim’ is being given the chance to decide.

OUR USELESS Corporate Owned MEDIA does us no service by pretending that the collapse of the Euro-Zone will not effect the US economy.

Which raises the usual question of what do they know and when did they know it?

Mr. Panzer provides us with these tantalizing clues:

Pollaxed : pole·ax verb /po’ laks/ poleaxed, past participle; poleaxed, past tense; poleaxes, 3rd person singular present; poleaxing, present participle

1. Hit, kill, or knock down with or as if with a poleax

2. Cause great shock to (someone)

- I was poleaxed by this revelation

Aside from the dead cat bounce we saw last Friday in the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index report for October, virtually every survey being published nowadays  suggests the U.S. economy is poised to get hammered -- or should we say pollaxed? Here are just a few recent examples:

Click through to the article to read the rest.

Now let me share why I selected this piece ahead of many others I perused this morning.

There has been little holiday hiring (not zero but it is down significantly from previous years) and, if you follow the shipping indexes, there have been almost no ordering for the coming holiday season.

What do these ‘flags’ mean, good citizen?

It seems the government isn’t the only thing the predatory Libertarians want to shrink until it can be drown in a bathtub. The morons want to shrink the economy until it only supports them…

Not exactly ‘a promising future’ for you and yours, is it?

Don’t tax the ‘job creators’, don’t cut the military and don’t fund public services…what does that sound like to you?

(P.S. there is no such thing as a ‘job creator’, the only entity capable of creating ‘jobs’ is, coincidentally, also the only one who can endorse a bill of sale, Mother Nature.

If you weren’t ‘compelled’ to do a thing by some physical need, you wouldn’t!)

Sounds to me like they’re telling the rest of us to stand back while they strip our civilization of everything that makes life worth living.

They don’t want you to cut the military because they’re going to need it to defend their predatory vision of ‘life by your bootstraps.’

A game where YOU get to play the ‘fuckee’…

Make no mistake about it good citizen, the ‘Dark Ages’ are about to return.

And like everything else that has happened over the past four decades, there isn’t a fucking thing you can do about it…because YOU never had control of ’the law.’

Worse, those that did, didn’t have your ’best interests’ at heart.

Which is why things are SO fucked up!

If civilization is EVER to be restored step one is putting the law beyond the reach of the ‘self-serving/interested’

And that’s what A Simple Plan does!

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