Sunday, November 20, 2011

Global Rumblings

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Left to our imaginations is what the actual difference between the reported ‘Arab Spring’ (which the West erroneously reported as a ‘cry for democracy’) and the, er, counterproductive ‘replacement’ of a dictator with another type of fascist rule.

Predictably the people of Egypt are back in the streets and once again the West is pointing to this as a repeated ‘cry for democracy’.

State media reported that more than 650 people had been injured, including 40 riot police officers, and at least one civilian was killed.

Coming a day after a huge Islamist demonstration and just more than a week before the first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections, the outpouring of anger was the strongest rebuke yet with the military’s attempts to grant itself permanent governmental powers. And it was a reuniting of Islamist and liberal protest movements that had drifted apart since the early days of the uprising.

This time, instead of chanting for the fall of Mr. Mubarak, the demonstrators were chanting for the fall of the ruling military council that initially presented itself as the revolution’s savior.

Are these people just ‘malcontents’ who will keep complaining until their demands for free ice cream and million dollar, no show jobs are met?

Because, eventually, that’s how the media will start to portray them.

Because the global corporate owned media can’t deliver what the protesters want.

My readers remember what was behind the, er, ‘original’ Arab Spring, right?

Of course they do! It was about ‘economic opportunity/justice’…and under a dictator the so-called government has a lot to do with how the local economy operates.

(So how unfortunate is it that most tin pot despots are also economic know nothings?)

Naturally, the military doesn’t ‘specialize’ in economics either so having the military take over did little to improve the crumbling global situation.

And THAT’S the stone that can legitimately be thrown at the Egyptian protestors, this early failure to recognize that the problem wasn’t a ‘uniquely Arab’ one.

But, as they like to say, that was then and this is now.

One suspects their ‘main issue’ is the gross mismanagement of their economy and by extension, their society.

This time (at least as far as the media is concerned) there are no economy related complaints/demands. The protests seem centered on the heavy handed tactics of the military regime.

A government that ‘crushes’ dissent (like our government is responding to OWS) is worse than incompetent, its criminal!

But this leaves no ‘simple solution’ to the Egyptian’s problems…especially when they are ruled by a military ‘puppet government’ that criminals here in the West are pulling the strings on.

It should also be apparent to any rational reader that I am refraining from pointing exclusively at any individual Western government because they are all ‘in on the scam’ (which is why all of Western civilization is crumbling!)

How sad is it for our species that we are all effectively living under the influence (if not the rule) of Western civilization?

Nominally ‘Communist’ China is a perfect example, it’s people are communists but their leaders are capitalists, worse, they’re ‘Chicago School capitalists’ who believe in privatized gains and socialized losses!

(Yet the Media continues to have the chutzpah to ‘wonder out loud’ about why our economy is rotting from the top down…)

That line from the old Barry Mc Guire song keeps running through my head, ‘When that button is pushed there’s no running away.’ (Eve of Destruction, for those of you too young to remember.)

Which holds equally true if/when the bottom falls out.

Once the last thread snaps, there is no where to turn, you’ll be on your own…which, ironically, is exactly how they want it…until they actually get it.

THEN it will be a bad idea!

I’m ‘snowballing’ a little here but I was reading the local rag last night and in the opinion section was a weekly piece put out by an, er, ‘locally famous’ female ‘tax crusader’…who also happens to share Gegner’s rather common (real) surname…

Anyway, what was ditzy bitching about just before Thanksgiving?

She was cranking out that now ancient conservative backstop of how Grover Norquist is a fucking comedian!

Ergo, liberals don’t know how to take a joke!

Grover was ‘making a funny’ when he claimed he wanted to shrink government until it was small enough to drown in a bathtub!

Perhaps ditzy didn’t listen to the actual speech because the second place winner of the ‘funny Republican’ contest sure sounds mighty angry for a guy who was supposedly telling a joke…

Maybe he just needs to work on his ‘delivery’.

Which leads us to another ‘ironic’ situation, most people think Republicans are ‘funny’… just not ‘ha-ha’ funny.

Funny like weird is closer to the mark.

But hey, what am I gonna say?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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