Monday, November 14, 2011

Know your rights!

Greetings good citizen,

The destruction of our civilization proceeds apace as OWS drifts quietly into anonymity and the stock market(s) gyrate meaninglessly.

I suspect there will be a ‘lull’ as the 99% celebrates the holiday season…so when they return to active duty in the New Year the media will ‘act’ surprised.

In fact, everyone will be astonished. Having dropped off radar the 99% will have ‘forgotten’ they exist…but the ‘warning shot’ has already been fired. OWS ‘stage two’ will be more about our second amendment rights than our rights under the first…

Um, once again I make use of this (basically who gives a fuck) article to (once again) demonstrate that while the world is riding the razors edge of collapse and all the useless corporate owned media feels is ‘newsworthy’ are the tales of felons ‘regaining’ their second amendment rights.

What about YOUR second amendment rights?

Which is to ask do you have any rights if you can’t defend them?

Short answer good citizen…no.

While it may be ‘interesting’ that criminals are having their, er, ‘right’ to be armed restored with relative ease…is it REALLY worthy of being the number one headline?

It’s not like the Euro-zone fraud isn’t threatening to bring down the global finance system…but, those who mismanage our society for their own benefit DON’T want to draw your attention in that direction, do they?

No, in a day when the likelihood that you’ll be ‘detained on suspicion’ is increasing exponentially, it seems disarming YOU is taking priority.

Oh, resist arrest and you WILL be gunned down…even if no ‘probable cause’ exists.

Sadly, being armed only provides the ‘armed thugs’ with an ‘excuse’…not that being unable to defend yourself provides any safeguard/protection.

It merely becomes ‘less likely’ that you’ll be shot by some trigger happy yahoo with a ‘get out of jail free’ badge pinned to his/her chest.

Funny how the second amendment brings to the fore the issue of whether or not you even HAVE rights.

In the absence of the ability to defend your rights, do you have ANY?

Sorry to keep repeating that question but this is the flip side of the ‘What are YOU going to do about it’ attitude our politicians keep giving us (from behind the relative safety of the thin blue line.)

The continued ‘pretense’ that the interests of the 1% are the interests of the majority of the population is a slap in the face to the voting aged citizen.

Things have gone horribly wrong and the 1% is blocking efforts to restore balance…to their own detriment.

Is this the ‘definition of hubris’ or, as many suspect, are we headed for a catastrophe that will make the predations of the ultra-rich seem minor?

Some ‘idiots’ think the coming ‘tribulation’ will be ‘Biblical’ in nature…but how handy is it that the Bible does not definitively tell us exactly ‘how’ the end will come, leaving it wide open to ‘interpretation’. (The missing pieces will be conveniently filled in as having occurred ‘elsewhere’. The fact that most of the world will remain ignorant of these events will be chalked up to the usual catch all/fall back position of ‘it’s a mystery’.)

And have no doubt about it, when the shit hit’s the fan there are plenty of (stupid) people who will BELIEVE ‘God’ is responsible.

Leaving that ‘void’ in their knowledge conveniently ‘unfilled’.

I’m leaning towards a ‘great convergence’, a combination of the collapse of global supply lines ‘compounded’ by a collapse of the global energy supply…and you won’t be able to tell which is causing what due to the ‘chicken/egg’ factor.

Have we exhausted ALL of our oil reserves? Definitely NOT…BUT we have no way to ‘prove’ that.

Peak Oil in reality means that we have exhausted the ‘low hanging fruit’, the easy to reach/refine oil. What remains will be harder to extract as well as refine.

Do you think we’d be bothering with ‘tar sands’ if there was still ‘plenty’ of light sweet crude to be had?

Flipping that rock over, I find it worrisome that we haven’t gone further in implementing ‘alternative energy’ than we have…there’s a ‘clue’ here whose implications are chilling indeed.

But naturally, no ‘serious person’ thinks any of this is a ‘conspiracy’.

Only the ‘fringe’ (like myself) sees the motivation of these knuckle draggers.

Because, ironically, ‘creative’ they are not.

Sadly the ‘more for me’ crowd is a one trick pony who (like the ancient Greeks) ‘can’t imagine’ a society without slaves.

And this, perhaps is the single greatest failure of what passes for ‘modern civilization’.

As difficult as it will be, we are being granted an extremely rare opportunity, IF we have the courage to grasp it!

Fail and we will condemn our children to the same hopeless future we now face.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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