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Greetings good citizen,

I titled this particular post ‘twofer’ because there are two important issues in this article…

Okay, that was uncalled for. (I heard the sigh and caught the eye-roll!) Which one of you muttered ‘duh’?

It’s Sunday, give it a rest!

Well, I’d call 'Duh!' an understatement considering how obvious the first point is

Owners do NOT and CAN NOT ‘create jobs’:

One reason we have so few ideas about job creation is that up until recently, the U.S. economy had been growing so well for so long that few economists spent much time studying it. (They’re trying to make up for it now. See this chart.) With no new theories, Democrats dusted off the big idea from the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes’s view that government can create jobs by spending a lot of money. The stimulus, however, has to be borrowed, and it has to be really, truly huge — probably something like $1.5 or $2 trillion — to fill the gap between where the economy is and where it would be if everyone was spending at pre-recession levels. The goal is to goad consumers into spending again. And President Obama’s jettisoned $400 billion jobs package, hard-core Keynesians argue, is nowhere near what it would take to persuade them.


Bonehead is discounting ‘Keynesian theory’ (which actually works ‘locally’ but let us not forget, ‘temporarily.’)

Since we no longer enjoy a ‘sealed’ economy (where money pumped into one segment of the economy stays within the same economy) the Keynesian Ideal no longer works…as well.

To pull off a Keynesian recovery, we’re talking quadrillions of dollars, essentially paying people to buy what they ordinarily wouldn’t!

You don’t have to look at this too closely to see that this is ‘unsustainable’ (but that’s capitalism for ya!)

Many Republicans follow the more fiscally conservative University of Chicago School, which argues that Keynesian stimulus can’t heal a sick economy — only time can. Chicagoans believe that economies can only truly recover on their own and that policy interventions only slow the recovery. It’s a puzzle of modern politics that Republicans have had electoral success with a policy that fundamentally asserts there is nothing the government can do to create jobs any time soon. [snip]

Keynesians and Chicagoans, however, do agree on two important points. First, in economics, unlike politics, there’s no middle ground: You can’t simultaneously cut and increase government budgets. The only shot we have at truly transforming our economy is a one-party sweep in the 2012 elections that would lead to radical legislative changes. Still, either path — lots more debt or lots of fired government workers — will only inflame more Americans.

And here we see the gaping hole in Postulate Number 2, that ‘time’ will heal a ‘saturated market’.

It will not!

The ‘boom’ followed by the ‘war of attrition’ is the ‘natural course’ for so-called ‘free markets’.

Take a look at this world. It is full of ‘Banana Republics’.

Time has NEVER brought prosperity to ANY of these economies, it only ‘temporarily’ brings prosperity to the worthless bastards that enslave/employ them!

During these ‘booms’ (where they temporarily enjoy ‘cheapest labor market’ status) the ‘misery of perpetual poverty’ is ‘lifted’ as the capitalists cheer their victims on with images of their ‘bright future’.

Only, like ‘trickle down economics’ the crumbs from the exploiters table never reach the average worker…the criminals get them first.


Where no ‘biological imperative’ exists there isn’t any ‘demand’. You may ‘like’ art but you don’t ‘need’ it.

Conversely, the air may stink but you still ‘need’ to breathe!

Why economists, er, ‘overlook’ these obvious issues remains a mystery.

Market saturation is reached when everybody (who can afford it) has what they need.

Understand what this means good citizen.

‘Growth’ will NEVER occur fast enough to support a ‘for profit’ economy! (and if it did, resources would quickly be exhausted as 'carrying capacity' was exceeded!)

Once again I have submitted a Nobel Prize winning economic theory the consistently proves itself to be true but the Nobel committee is made up of capitalists…and they only award prizes to ‘economists’ whose work ‘advances’ the cause of capitalism.

Yet another of life’s ‘Aw shit’ moments.

Lucky for me ‘all money is funny’, eh?

If we use the proven fact that only Mother Nature/biological imperative ‘creates’ jobs/work, then we MUST conclude that our society is seriously ‘mismanaged’.

Our whole ‘doctrine’ of the ‘obligation of a corporation is to its shareowners’ is in direct conflict with the purpose of civilization, which is to make the life of (all of) its members ‘full’.

The ‘conflict’ here is the upper class ‘fixation’ that you CAN’T have BOTH!

Yet any fool can see that this is a lie!

And we continue to do ‘nothing’ about it.

Except those courageous OWS’ers, they are the proverbial ‘tip of the spear’.

Crunch time is close and getting closer…

Prepare good citizen!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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