Monday, November 28, 2011

Illusion or Delusion?

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Markets are (again inexplicably) up today on ‘rumors’ (I shit you not) that troubled Euro-zone nations ‘are getting their act together’ and addressing the Euro crisis…

Which is total bullshit but the surge in today’s markets will be wiped out by tomorrow’s plummet so it’s sort of like providing investors with a ‘mulligan’.

Which is to belabor the obvious, the further this monkey business goes, the queerer it gets.

Some Assembly Required is loaded with keen insights today, do take a moment to visit.

I even found the link to today’s offering there, saving me one of my two remaining freebies!

Yessiree good citizen, the word is out and whodathunk, Black Friday was a ‘smashing success!’

For retailers.

As usual, a closer examination of the numbers reveals the reason for this and I’m going to throw in one of my own…the ‘fuck it!’ factor is finally in play.

What’s the ‘fuck it’ factor?

It’s a state of mind brought on by a belief that the situation is beyond saving.

A hefty percentage of the consuming public hasn’t paid their mortgage in YEARS, allowing them to ‘live the good life’ while the rest of us struggle with our ‘honorable’ (but wretched) Hand-to-Mouth existence.

Economic Insecurity

With the Census Bureau fine-tuning its definition of poverty, a group of “near poor” has emerged — those who are not officially poor but are perilously close to it. Another way of putting that is to look at “economic security,” the amount of income necessary to cover basic expenses without relying on public subsidies. [snip]

“What does it take for households in this country to get by and be able to plan for their own futures based on the work that they do?” said Donna Addkison, president and chief executive of Wider Opportunities for Women. “We’re really looking at not just the lowest of the lowest income households but that slice of households that live somewhere above the poverty line but are constantly in danger of being thrown into financial catastrophe, and that’s a much larger slice of the American public than we are currently talking about.”

No irony should be lost on the fact that those who aren’t paying their bills are responsible for this ‘faux prosperity’.

Equally as bizarre, not paying your mortgage allows you to pay your credit cards promptly.

Which explains the uptick in online sales…

As the article suggests, the overall economy is a lot worse off that it appears ‘at first glance.’

So good citizen, how far in arrears are your neighbors on their mortgages?

Worse, are you a ‘chump’ for continuing to pay yours?

I’d love to interpret this as a ‘vote of confidence’ for A Simple Plan (No one will have a mortgage/own property upon conversion.) But that is not the case.

Wipe that foolish grin off of your puss, chances are good ‘personal property’ (for non-royals) will be outlawed by the coming monarchy and rent will be indistinguishable from taxes!

And, of course, they’re no fools! Rents will start off as being ridiculously cheap (in the beginning) but will rise exponentially to finance the endless wars the nobles will engage in.

Wars you’ll only hear about in rumors and vague headlines. The media has already ‘conditioned’ us not to expect any detailed war coverage, it damages the government’s ‘public image’!

Which begs the question ‘is it still torture if nobody reports it?’

I keep introducing these, er, ‘fantastic outcomes’ but a mere thirty years ago nobody would have even suggested much less believed that the ballot box could be broken.

Now voter apathy has reached it’s final stage, the fix has become so obvious that there’s no point in continuing the charade…you already know the worst possible candidate is going to win.

(Disclosure: I have not and will NEVER run for public office…I will however, compete when/if the time comes. More disclosure: no one is more qualified to administer ASP than its creator.)

And on that note I’d like to propose something akin to OWS, let's use our ‘ballots’ to tell them how we really feel about being consistently deprived of choices.

It’s been proposed before but until now, a majority of ‘the voting public’ believed they really were performing their ‘civic duty’.

The time has come to, er, ‘send a message’ to the people that have hijacked our government.

It’s time to vote FOR a NEW DEAL!

And that’s precisely what you need to ‘write in’ on your ballot.

(We still use paper ballots out here in the hinterlands, they HAVE TO provide you with a way to ‘write in’ your own choice, that’s what ‘voting’ is all about!)

Naturally, this requires a degree of intestinal fortitude. You have to insist on your right to vote for what you want even if it is not on the ballot!

I want a new deal and I’m pretty sure most of you do too.

If there’s nothing else on the ballot, maybe they’ll take notice.

Which is to admonish you that marking your ballot ‘new deal’ may be used by the political manipulators to ‘invalidate’ your vote [think 'hanging chads' used to invalidate thousands of votes for Al Gore in FL]. If you want to vote for one of the ‘sellouts’ then don’t ‘deface’ your ballot.

I’d also advise against looking in the mirror for a few days too…just saying, ya know?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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