Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More conservative rhetoric

Greetings good citizen,

Markets in Asia and Europe are both bleeding from the eye sockets this morning…US markets opened 15 minutes ago and they’re already down 125 points, good thing the first 12,000 points don’t count, eh?

(I naturally, jest… the markets are plunging towards the 11,000 mark as I watch. But for the average citizen this is a meaningless event…unless it is used as an excuse for our lawmakers to pass something stupid.

And speaking of stupid, we have this offering Millions Caught by the Social Safety Net By CASEY B. MULLIGAN

from the house that J.D. Rockefeller built. Casey B. Mulligan is an economics professor at the University of Chicago.

Another interpretation is that the safety net has taken away incentives and serves as a penalty for earning incomes above the poverty line. For every seven persons who let their market income fall below the poverty line, only one of them will have to bear the consequence of a poverty living standard. The other six will have a living standard above poverty.

The safety net was not as effective before the recession began. As I explained in my last two posts, government assistance programs have not only supported more people but become more generous, thanks to changes in benefit rules since 2007.

Of course, most people work hard despite a generous safety net, and 140 million people are still working today. But in a labor force as big as ours, it takes only a small fraction of people who react to a generous safety net by working less to create millions of unemployed. I suspect that employment cannot return to pre-recession levels until safety-net generosity does, too.

Let’s take a look at that last paragraph a little more closely.

What do you suppose Chumly here has ‘glossed over’? Does he mention that the total working aged population is over 211 million?

Does he mention that 40 percent of his 140 million strong workforce only works part- time?

Does he mention that the ONLY new jobs being created here in the US alternate between senior genetic engineer and minimum wage toilet custodian?


Notice the ‘sly’ way he slips his condemnation of benefit increases in at the end?

“Things won’t get ‘better’ until these increased benefits return to their prior levels”

Skippy must be smoking some bad ass shit man…and he ain’t sharing!

How pissed does it make you knowing this idiot makes his living TEACHING economics?

Here’s an asshole who wakes up every day believing two impossible things, one that society CANNOT exist without slavery and two, there really is such a thing as a ‘surplus population’.

WTF good citizen?

I’ll tell you what good citizen, it pisses me off that somebody actually pays this idiot to teach the lies he’s been taught…but there’s a lot of that going on.

If you were to be angry about EVERY injustice your soul would never find rest…or joy or happiness.

Besides, ‘stupidity’ is ‘incurable’.

And, sadly, there are no limits to depravity driven by greed that is fueled by entitlement.

And make no mistake about it good citizen, those who scream the loudest about the basic dignity provided by social insurance feel completely entitled to the trust funds they did absolutely nothing to deserve.

Worse, these are the same assholes who claim they made their own way in this world!

Like stupidity, it is senseless to get worked up over things that can’t currently be dealt with.

Which is not to say the situation is ‘uncorrectable’, it can be…just not as matters currently stand.

In this respect I can’t help but find relief in the knowledge that the old guard’s days are short in number…another year, tops.

But there will be sacrifices. For a long time there will be no Internet…and that will drive some of the, er, weaker minded ‘around the bend’ (although there is some speculation that it would be a fairly short trip…just saying, ya know?)

Naturally, no internet will be the least of your problems. Unemployment will also instantly evaporate as the struggle to survive trumps the existing wage slavery.

Got nothing to do, Mother Nature will fix that problem pronto!

People don’t appreciate the ‘true value’ of money…especially fucktarded ‘economists’.

Money ‘frees’ you from having to do EVERYTHING yourself!

THAT is ‘economics 101’ good citizen.

And until money is relegated to its ‘one useful purpose’ NOTHING will work as it should.

How do we restore ‘sanity’ to a world gone mad?

Remove the 1% (and their ‘minions’ which means the other 19%) from power.

Ironically, only the 1% (and their minions) believes that the world would come to a screeching halt without them, the rest of us knows better. The only time things go ‘smoothly’ is when the 1% are out of the picture!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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