Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where are the reporters?

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The “abuse’ of police powers is neither new or unique to the US. Left to our imagination is the ‘bad apple’ factor that gets rolled out every time cops, obviously ‘under orders’ from an overzealous superior, find themselves under the magnifying glass for doing what they were told to do.

Not that any of us has a hard time with the idea of a ‘frustrated’ officer ‘losing it’ under decidedly ‘tense’ circumstances…shit, does indeed, ‘happen’.

Conversely, there exists more than a few people who should never have been given a badge to hide behind and these sort of situations brings out the worst of their ‘zero tolerance’ mindsets/personalities.

Is anyone surprised to see this headline?
Police and the Press
The N.Y.P.D.'s guidelines prohibit interfering with news-gathering activity. The department seems to have forgotten that during Occupy Wall Street protests.

Here’s a little puzzle for you. It is not uncommon to read about some ‘cub’ reporter running afoul of police, er, ‘overzealousness’…but you NEVER see a seasoned reporter getting their heads caved in…and you have to wonder ‘why’?

One would suspect it is their seniority itself that ‘protects’ them from such dangerous assignments…yet they’re all ‘front and center’ whenever a ‘natural disaster’ strikes.

You’d think the ‘easily recognizable’ face of a major network news anchor would be all the protection one of these personalities would need but for some bizarre reason you never see one reporting from the front lines of a protest.

Maybe these ‘big name’ reporters don’t want these assignments.

Ironically it appears that no members of the corporate owned media are synonymous with the OWS movement.

They all dutifully ‘report’ (copy that is gathered and written by others) but none of them have actively ‘covered’ the two month old event.

Not to kick the shins of those who DO report from the frontlines, they are providing a valuable service…but why isn’t the corporate owned media, er, ‘interested’?

Which, naturally, begs another question…

Do these ‘big name’ reporters ‘know better’?

It would seem the obvious reason we never hear of a big name reporter getting their asses kicked by some OOC (Out Of Control) cop is because senior reporters already KNOW they’ll never get a word of their story past the damn editor!

No irony should be lost a the fact that has apparently ‘slipped out’ of the OWS movement…and that is the fact that they (OWS) are neither Republican or Democrat, something the ‘progressives’ aren’t particularly happy about…

In fact, it is a subject that is almost universally ignored!

We can only hope that people are finally getting sick and tired of these artificial divisions being used to screw the rest of us out of our livelihoods.

The thing that’s worrisome is the ‘One Percent’s’ henchmen, the people that comprise the upper two to twenty percent, have next to nothing ‘in common’ with the bottom 80 percent.

Why do you think we always find ourselves in that vicious circle of ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss?’

Understand good citizen, the 1% COULD NOT pull off the bullshit they routinely pull on the rest of us without the assistance of the (guilty as sin) top 20%!

So it’s more than a little disturbing to see the people with the most blood on their hands feigning innocence, pretending they are tools, victims like the rest of us.

Which begs the question, ‘is all management, er, untrustworthy?’

And the answer is a squeaky little ‘no’…but 99% of them ARE! Some bosses are fair minded individuals who stand up for their people and don’t tolerate the bullshit most employers regularly pull to ‘save their bottom line’.

You KNOW who the ‘good bosses’ are, just as you KNOW which ones should be frog marched down to the gallows right alongside the shiftless owners.

Don’t get the wrong idea, managers aren’t the only culprits that zealously protect the ‘status quo’, right behind the Bad Boss are the typical suck up wannabes.

These are the ‘tattle-tales’ who run and tell the (bad) boss of every little suspected infraction of company policy they witness.

Some of these people merely drank too much Kool-Aid while others are janother manifestation of what is wrong with our civilization.

Change the rules and you can/will alter the outcome.

And I think most of us would agree it’s high time we made some much needed changes, across the board.

That is perhaps another ‘realization’ that has entered the public consciousness.

Saving ourselves is no longer enough. If we fail to stomp out this pervasive corruption around the globe our species is doomed to be destroyed by our own kind…and that’s just not right.

Well good citizen, I have once again opened up a seemingly ‘unsolvable’ can of worms.

But it CAN be dealt with…we merely need a industrial strength dose of that quality the founders put so much faith in before they sabotaged themselves irreparably…

We need to trust people both ‘good and true’. Then we need to hand them the tools they need to protect the rest of us from the predators among us…

A tall order but eliminating a physical medium of exchange goes a long way towards realizing that goal…

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