Friday, November 11, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Wall Street is following Europe higher today while the entire Euro-zone prepares to implode! Begging a question that has become increasingly nonsensical, albeit it frighteningly so.

Just what do the stock markets tell us?

The answer, good citizen, seems to be how much YOU are getting ‘ripped off’ by the elite who drive the ‘value’ of these increasingly worthless pieces of paper.

It would be comical if the end results weren’t so tragic!

The ‘glue’ that holds society together is reliability, you grow to rely on the institutions of society so you can plan for the future.

You ‘rely’ on the value of a dollar remaining reasonably constant.

So how disturbing is this false running up of stock values?

It’s all ‘money’ good citizen, same thing with the price of gold, if you don’t own any do you give a crap what it’s valued at?

BUT, when these ‘valuations’ start undermining the value of what you DO HAVE, the ‘arbitrary nature’ of these valuations can ruin you…

And guess what end result is?

If you can’t obtain what you need ‘peacefully’ then you will resort to whatever means necessary (because the end result is identical.)

Bottom line: consumers have to have money in their pockets. If it doesn’t come from private sector growth, then it has to come through government spending. We often hear that businesses create jobs. But in reality, sales and demand are the main source of jobs. No matter how cheap labor is, firms will not employ if they do not have sales for the production. Restaurants won’t hire another employee if the tables sit empty. That is a fundamental reason why John Maynard Keynes and others opposed wage cutting as a way of stimulating employment.

Right now, we’re in a state of emergency. The country’s economic output is still below levels reached in 2007. We need 15 million more jobs just to replace what was lost in the last 3 years. Employment remains stagnant, but we are told to tighten our belts and stop "living beyond our means." We are squeezed, and squeezed again. We hear talk about "unsustainable entitlement programs," such as Social Security and Medicare as if these programs had something do to with the collapse in the US economy. They didn’t.

The collapse occurred because the private credit bubble burst and households and firms began the long journey that will be necessary to restore the health of their balance sheets. It collapsed because the demand for goods and services was being driven by credit growth instead of real wages growth. That was always going to be an unsustainable growth path. Which can only mean one thing – there has to be more public spending – which should be targeted at maximizing the growth of decent and stable jobs.

This article’s title conjures images of some mighty dire outcomes…but doesn’t follow through, it seems only I will take the reader down that path.

Just as few can appreciate ’why’ populated areas will be set alight (to create a diversion) most will miss the primary objective as well. (The ’bank’ WILL NOT be the target this gruesome tactic, the supermarket will!)

By this point in the game, money will already be worthless and if that’s the case, law enforcement will also have become someone else’s ’part-time’ job.

So setting the town (or the woods surrounding the town) on fire will serve to keep the, er, ‘public safety workers’ distracted while you rob then of everything you can get your hands on.

Naturally, you won’t do this alone.

You will have/be part of a ‘crew’.

This works out well, the first time. Then you will need to travel farther afield to find targets that haven’t been hit and left wiped out.

When you run out of ‘easy targets’ your next mark will be raiding the stashes of other raiders…until it becomes too dangerous.

Once you have exhausted this food source you have to keep a close eye on the leader of your own group…once the ‘easy picking’s are exhausted, the only way to ‘stretch out’ supplies on hand will be to, er, ‘reduce the number of consumers’.

Depending on how ‘ruthless’ the leader of your group is will dictate how this matter will be handled.

‘Intelligent’ group leaders will find a resource rich area and go to ground.

Your typical MBA type will cull the weak/threats to his leadership first followed by continuing to engage in increasingly risky raids where loss of life often exceeds the value of supplies obtained.

Once it becomes apparent that you’re being led by a nit wit this also contributes to the degree of attrition in the group.

Again, I have painted in ‘broad strokes’ to give you an idea of what to look out for.

Chances are good you will initially ‘align’ yourself with a (to you) large group but many of these ‘pre-existing’ organizations don’t possess the leadership necessary to meet the groups needs…because they weren’t established to care for a group of survivors, they were established for some other cause.

And if they were ‘well armed’ BEFORE things went/go to shit, then that cause was probably ‘semi-suicidal’!

So chances are good that YOU will become the leader of a group of ‘mal-contents’ that recognize the danger of following an ‘unprepared’ leader too far.

The wise leader of a resource rich area will welcome you so long as you surrender peacefully and demonstrate a willingness to pull your weight.

Living off the land is hard work so the more ‘helping hands’ you have, the better.

As we edge nearer to the holiday known as Thanksgiving it is difficult to wrap your head around the day when every meal will be one that you’re deeply thankful for…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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