Friday, November 18, 2011

Markets are up (but we don't know why?)

Greetings good citizen,

I suspect Wall Street already knows it has no credibility left which explains why stock markets around the world are bleeding from the eye sockets UNTIL the sun rises over Manhattan, then, inexplicably, they rise into positive territory once more.

The sad news, good citizen is this is not ‘American Exceptionalism’ on display, most citizens know the incredible rising markets have no basis in reality nor is it related to America’s puckish sense of humor (because there’s nothing even remotely ‘funny’ about it.)

No good citizen what we’re seeing is criminal hubris writ large!

Stocks were mixed on Wall Street and in Europe on Friday after the new head of the European Central Bank dashed hopes that he would act to ease the euro debt crisis.

Mario Draghi, the president of the central bank, told a gathering of bankers in Frankfurt that European leaders — who, with the notable exception of Germany, have been calling for the bank to use its printing press to help embattled governments — are themselves the problem, taking too long to implement crisis measures they agreed to months or even years earlier.

“Where is the implementation of these long-standing decisions?” he said. “National economic policies are equally responsible for restoring and maintaining financial stability.”

What do you suppose Mario’s talking about? Is he referring to 99 weeks of unemployment pay or is he talking about slashing the social safety net, thereby ‘freeing up’ more funds with which bankers can use to pay bonuses with?

YOUR IRA/401k isn’t worth spit but that didn’t stop the fund that manages it from paying out bonuses fit for Crosius himself…

You ask yourself if the bozo responsible for blowing most of your savings on worthless mortgage backed securities really deserves a ‘bonus’?

More perplexing is WHY those bonus dollars weren’t clawed back to make YOU whole? Why is YOUR pocket being picked to make THEM whole for THEIR mistakes?

Sort of redefines the term ‘double-fucked’, doesn’t it?

Incredibly, the world hasn’t exploded in a frenzied rage because we’ve got, er, ‘bigger problems…

Like the collapse of our civilization.

What use is it to incarcerate these criminals if we will soon be unable to financially support our prisons?

You’d almost think this outcome was part of their plan…

Should Plan ‘A’ (avoiding prosecution altogether) fail for any reason…

Which is to point out that the only way these criminals are going to ‘get what’s coming to them’ is AFTER we prosecute ALL of the assholes who turned a blind eye to this bullshit!

Ironically, they KNOW we will eventually come for them and they don’t care…they THINK their families will ESCAPE!

And they will never know how WRONG that notion really is.

Under the new order, the sins of the parents will be visited upon the children. The ‘unfair advantages’ reaped by the parents for selling out the rest of us will be extracted ten-fold from their children!

Why they think the reformed Justice system will be modeled after the failed one is, like the stock markets themselves, ‘inexplicable’.

But I (and it wouldn’t be one of my rants if it didn’t) digress…

My favorite aggregator ran a rant by Barry Ritholtz that sounded very similar to something I might have written.

Here’s a link in case you’re curious what one of the ‘serious people’ and my humble self could have ‘in common’.

More curious perhaps is how Mr. Ritholtz self identifies as both a capitalist AND a Republican, yet he routinely expresses very, er, ‘liberal’ points of view.

[Lending credence to my theory that most people ‘mis-identify’ themselves both politically as well as socially.]

By way of example, there are people living out of their cars who still identify themselves as ‘middle-class’. (Naturally, this is done out of the ‘expectation’ that they will, er, ‘eventually’ regain their former status…and some of them will, albeit by nefarious means.)

On an important and unrelated note I’d like to thank YOU, my readers for taking the time to read my often puzzling posts.

I take comfort seeing the copy of A Simple Plan on the list of ‘most read posts’. It also tells me that some of you are paying attention and have copied it so you can hold the forked tongued devil’s feet to the fire when they try to skew the plan in ways not intended.

Ironically, the plan is holistic, it will only work ‘properly’ if ALL OF IT is implemented.

Simple variations like adding a ‘tangible medium of exchange’ will fuck up the works royally!

Same thing with stock markets or insurance for that matter, none of them are permitted because they violate the Human Anti-Exploitation Law.

Er, in retrospect the foolish site traffic meter is basically useless, the numbers are all over the pace and don’t jive with one another so what I just reported may be in error…but there’s no way for me to know that…so, as always,

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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