Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Statistically skewed...

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The next couple of days will tell us whether OWS is dead or just re-grouping.

This has the POTENTIAL to be the spark that ignites a long overdue conflagration…but I don’t get the sense that the 99% understands what’s at stake.

While we wait to see how things will play out in Peoria, er, (Zurcotti Park) we get this evidence that the gulf grows ever wider

Whether their consumers are feeling pressured or flush now, the retail executives indicated they did not expect things to change soon.

“In the U.S., we still do not see, and do not expect to see in the near term, any meaningful tailwind from the housing market,” said Frank Blake, Home Depot’s chairman and chief executive.

“I feel good about the luxury consumer,” Mr. Sadove of Saks said. [He would, wouldn’t he?]

Referring to the Wal-Mart shopper’s dependence on paychecks and government-assistance payments rather than savings, Mr. Davis said that “going forward we really would not expect anything different.”

Understand that the ‘initial report’ SAYS retail sales are ‘up’…but a fraction of a single percent could be nothing more than inflation.

Now a ‘gain’ in the upper end of the retail sector does, by no stretch of the imagination, mean the economy is recovering in ANY meaningful terms.

As an ‘indicator’ this data is totally worthless.

While it is possible to base a business on a particular class of consumer, you had better not configure your economy on the same basis if you don’t want a huge criminal class on your hands.

One of the advantages of ‘civil society’ is a reasonable degree of security and freedom from being victimized by the desperate (who generally wouldn’t exist under a ’well-managed’ social system.)

But nobody is calling the current predatory system we suffer with today ‘well-managed’.

And perhaps that’s what is ‘holding us back’, the common belief that what we’ve got is as good as it gets.

While the criminals couldn’t hope for better, the rest of us can easily imagine significant improvements across the board (without entertaining ‘la-la land’ extremes!)

Hell, A Simple Plan instantly elevates prospects for all ‘non-criminals’ considerably (at, ironically, the criminals’ expense.) It also involves absolutely NO ‘magic or magical thinking’ whatsoever!

Left to our imagination is whether or not the coordinated, multi-city ‘take-down’ of the OWS movement will be the last we hear of the desperate kids who correctly identified themselves as members of the ‘silent majority’, silent because they have had their voices stolen from them by a political system that ignores them completely (and with impunity no less!)

Which may be the least of our problems if Europe erupts into civil war…

Considering the potential outcomes, better there than here.

Because if Europe falls, the US is right behind it.

Oh, and guess what will happen once the banking system collapses? The government will be, ‘dismissed’ and a military junta established to ‘protect’ the guilty from being prosecuted.

The curious part is who will be ‘fed to the wolves’ to placate the angry public?

At the moment it looks like the cops are being served up on a silver platter…(along with the rest of the corrupt justice system.)

Is OWS really protesting Wall Street or are they protesting the Justice System’s utter failure to prosecute ‘White Collar’ criminals?

Few of us delude ourselves, we KNOW our leadership as well as our political system are corrupt beyond repair. What we don’t know is what to do about it…and even that’s a ‘cop-out’, we know what needs doing but we lack the necessary ‘unity’ to actually do it.

Until some brave people martyr themselves for the cause (25,000 died for the 40 hour work week, just as an example) the lack of positive motion will unbroken…and that’s all ‘evil’ needs to thrive.

Ironically, it is the worthless corporate owned media this is preventing people from martyring themselves. Why let yourself be murdered for a cause if no one will ever know?

That is why the initial target should be the worthless media itself.

As Alternet comments, the ‘social media’ pulled off a complete ‘black-out’ of the police action to, er, eradicate the OWS encampments.

So is the ‘status quo’ strangling the baby while it still fits in a bathtub?

Sure looks that way.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in a defacto ‘dictatorship of the privileged, the criminally privileged but privileged none the less.

The problem with the criminally privileged is they refuse to recognize law of any kind so they are, by default, ‘out of control’.

Worse, they are ‘in charge’ of this nation’s military-industrial complex (which is how they got away with dismantling it right under our noses!)

But it’s one thing to own something and quite another to bend that thing to your will.

Mercenaries aside, I don’t believe they have cracked the problem of ordering civilian soldiers to fire on their own people…yet.

That’s why the ‘propaganda machine’ has to go first!

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