Saturday, November 5, 2011

We COULD NOT do worse (even if we tried!)

Greetings good citizen,

Um, the rushing over the edge and falling off part is over, we’re at the hitting the ground and shattering into a zillion pieces mode.

Ironically, still in impossibly slow motion.

Naturally, this is not the ‘remarkable’ part of the puzzle, what has everybody scratching their heads is how those who are SUPPOSED TO BE ‘taking care’ of the problem continue to pretend it will work itself out.

At what point, good citizen do we recognize the we could do a far superior job ourselves?

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate and a member of the deficit-reduction panel, has repeatedly said he has no intention of letting such cuts occur. Some House members said they were being urged by military contractors and others in their districts to avert such reductions.

Representative Chris Van Hollen, Democrat of Maryland and a member of the panel, said the attempt to undo the triggers “reflects a total lack of seriousness.” Adding that such efforts would not be successful, he said they were “the result of people trying to escape the fundamental choices before us, and one of those choices is whether or not we are willing to end special interest tax breaks to pay for defense.” The White House is also highly unlikely to approve such actions. The president is averse to the military cuts, but saw the threat of them as a way to pressure Republicans to reach a deal. “There is more fear this time,” Representative Mo Brooks, Republican of Alabama, said about the anxiety being expressed by military contractors in his district. Mr. Brooks said he voted against the debt-ceiling legislation because of the possibility of deep Pentagon cuts.

Under the debt-ceiling budget agreement, members of the joint committee, evenly divided between the parties, have until Nov. 23 to recommend ways to reduce budget deficits by at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years. Both houses are supposed to vote on the package by Dec. 23. If no legislation is enacted, the government would automatically cut almost $500 billion from military spending, with an equal amount from nonmilitary programs, between 2013 and 2021.

Are these asshole managing the affairs of the nation or are they protecting the interests of their campaign contributors?

How can the ‘Party of No’ rail against ‘government waste’ with one breath and defend a grotesquely bloated military budget with the next?

A military that makes no secret of its imperialistic motives…

Like I have pointed out before, good citizen, this isn’t being done FOR you, it’s being done TO you!

Why else would a Republic of equals employ ‘soldiers of fortune?’ (a ’free nation’ already has all the soldiers it needs…what‘s wrong with this picture?)

Perhaps we should let Mr. Williams tell us

No. 397: October Employment and Unemployment November 4th, 2011
Monthly Payroll and Unemployment Changes Were Not Statistically Meaningful October Payroll Employment Not Only Was 6.5 Million Below the Pre-2007 Recession High,  But Also Was 1.0 Million Below the Pre-2001 Recession High October Unemployment: 9.0% (U.3), 16.2% (U.6), 22.9% (SGS) Annual Growth in October Money Supply M3 Held at About 2.6%

I don’t know about you good citizen but I find the labor force still being below the 2001 level the most disturbing.

We didn’t hit the 6 billion mark in human population until 2000…making last week’s announcement of hitting 7 billion that much more disturbing…

And nothing is being done about that either…or is it?

There are two choices when it comes to dealing with the population problem…depending on how you view the problem itself.

One is to ’manage’ a sustainable economy and the other involves ’balancing’ labor with consumers.

Currently, the focus is on insuring there are enough strong backs and weak minds to keep the lights on and the water running, damn the ’cost’…which is why ’nothing’ is being ’fixed’.

This is the identical mentality that ‘cannot conceive’ of a society without slaves…

These are the ‘mental defectives’ currently in charge.

This is the mindset that isn’t interested in ‘solving’ the problem as much as they want things to ‘work like they’re supposed to’, regardless of how difficult/impossible that makes life for the rest of us.

Um, just to make my point, the ‘shrinking to fit’ method of dealing with the economy is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

The ‘question’ this raises is just who is considered ‘redundant’ (and thus disposable.)

There are MILLIONS of workers over fifty who will NEVER enter the workforce again (at least on a ‘meaningful level’.)

This sort of sucks when you have to be (minimum) 62 to draw social security, leaves quite the gap that, once again, THE INDIVIDUAL is expected to bridge the best they can!

But what would you expect from the ‘if your paycheck doesn’t crack your nut IT’S YOUR PROBLEM crowd?

How do these assholes intend to ‘deal’ with the mortgage crisis? By making all future mortgage loans ‘full recourse’!


To the point, good citizen.

Our society/civilization is deeply ‘mismanaged’ by the same people who fail to appreciate that their continued liberty relies almost totally on a ‘stable’ society.

We can do better…the problem, naturally, is who gets to define ‘better’?

That is why I have laid out A Simple Plan for all to see (and what you see is what you get, there are NO ‘hidden agendas’ lurking underneath.)

Which is to say if someone comes along claiming to support A Simple Plan but then claims the ‘cashless’ aspect of it is unworkable…hang them…they are a lying thieves.

A Simple Plan is holistic with ALL of the parts interlocking to create the larger whole…half measures WILL NOT WORK!

There should be (by now) enough ‘copies’ of A Simple Plan (I developed it twenty years ago) to keep the self-interested honest…but it wouldn’t hurt if you saved a copy to your hard drive, preferably the copy here on this blog as it is the most current revision.

Search for it in the archives…if you can’t find it let me know, I’ll post it again.

Understand good citizen, we are facing the same circumstances our grandparents faced precisely because they failed to ‘fix’ the problem when they had the chance.

This time will be different.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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