Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Whom?

Greetings good citizen,

With the understanding that the current NYSE is, er, ‘off’ by12,000 points, the markets dropped nearly 400 points on the eminent failure of the Euro-zone.

Which begs a rather obvious question, precisely WHO is ‘idiot enough’ to buy European bonds in the first place?

Financial institutions are dumping their vast holdings of European government debt and spurning new bond issues by countries like Spain and Italy. And many have decided not to renew short-term loans to European banks, which are needed to finance day-to-day operations.

If this trend continues, it risks creating a vicious cycle of rising borrowing costs, deeper spending cuts and slowing growth, which is hard to get out of, especially as some European banks are having trouble meeting their financing needs.

“It’s a pretty terrible spiral,” said Peter R. Fisher, vice chairman of the asset manager BlackRock and a former senior Treasury official in the Clinton administration.

Same thing with stocks good citizen. There is absolutely ZERO chance of any capitalist corporation remaining profitable so who is STUPID enough to buy stocks?

Just another ‘reality check’ here good citizen but WHO (in their right mind) is going to ‘buy’ your house from you for MORE than YOU paid for it?

Sadly, the only positive outcome here will be your children, IF they can swing the onerous financing (and chances are good they won’t.)

(And if you’re any kind of caring parent you won’t let them!)

In case you don’t comprehend my question, it can be phrased more clearly as asking who, (besides banks that owe their charters to the country they were established in) would buy government ‘funny money’?

There is a common ‘misconception’ that countries CAN’T go bankrupt…which you know is a bunch of crap!

Ironically, the name of the game becomes the rebuff made by the fool that goes, ‘I can’t be broke, I still have checks!’

Or that’s the ‘theory’ anyway…

Worse good citizen, this whole ‘confidence game’ has been going on since the beginning (of money itself.)

And until you get sick of having the best things in life being perpetually priced out of your reach it won’t change and it won’t stop.

The misery that surrounds you each and every day is the direct result of the ‘mismanagement’ cause by the, er, ‘misuse’ of the world’s resources.

‘Money is the MOST misused substance in our civilization, it is even more misused than ‘love’ (and that‘s saying something.)

How sad is it good citizen that we could, until just recently, turn a blind eye to this abuse?

But with the ground ‘rushing up to meet us’, we can no longer ignore the ‘excesses’ of those who use their control over the money supply to manipulate events.

Ironically, after ripping the rest of us off for thousands of years, NOW they’re trying to kill us!

Lest we find ourselves in that terrible situation of ‘when your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail’…

Well, their only tool is money and they certainly know how to use it to kill.

Like many ‘one trick ponies’ they probably don’t know how to turn the situation around much less set it back on the ‘right’ path.

This is the danger I keep warning of, they KNOW their way of doing things ‘breaks down’ once the ‘customer pool’ gets too large.

The thing that has them desperate is the thing they can do nothing about.

Once energy is no longer cheap or abundant our ENTIRE social model breaks down IRREVOCABLY!

Beyond the occasional anecdote in the corporate owned media, you’d think ‘Peak Oil’ was decades away rather than a point that is ALREADY BEHIND US!

I have described, in gruesome detail, how our civilization will collapse.

We CAN save our species but only by finally removing the self-interested from their cozy perches.

This is where your typical conservative invokes the ‘jealousy’ card but stops short of flat out denial.

Because they know the charge is true.

Worse, it appears the top 20% MAY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ‘in on the ruse’ perpetrated on the other 80%…

Well, the really ironic part of all of this is having only 20% of the population ‘on your side’ isn’t enough.

And somehow I don’t think the 80% are in a particularly forgiving mood right about now.

Yeah, we all know the 99% figure OWS settled on was letting the other 19% off easy, at least 20 percent of the population consists of conceited suck-ups. People who KNOW they are ‘more deserving’ than the rest of us…

And won’t they howl when we give ‘em what they deserve!

The lies are getting gargantuan good citizen, look to your conscience and govern yourself accordingly.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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