Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yet another 'Duh!' moment...

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Rewind to the post where I patiently explain ’why’ I write this blog. I explained then that I am NOT an economist BUT I am savvy enough to know that the state of the economy will ’dictate’ the conditions I’ll be expected to live my life under.

With that in mind you surely know that this applies to your life as well.

This blog contains my daily ‘observations’ (along with my proposed ’solution’ to the rapidly growing crisis, A Simple Plan.)

What do you suppose is going to happen when the ‘on again-off again’ rescue of the Eurozone reaches its obvious conclusion?

The (worthless) stock market ‘rallied’ yesterday afternoon to close up more than a hundred points (their bar tab must have fallen due!)

Where is that same ‘indicator of economic health’ this morning, 16 hours later?

Down 300 points!

Worse, good citizen this is on the heels of major run up in stock prices associated with the proposed ‘rescue’ of the Eurozone.

The major difference being, this morning’s NY Times top headline are ‘war drums’.

Is it just me or has it become SOP that every time the economy starts to tank, the hunt for someone to bomb/invade begins?

PARIS — Stocks and the euro fell sharply on Wednesday, as Italian sovereign bond yields rose to levels suggesting the much-feared financial contagion has reached the euro zone’s third-largest economy, raising fears about the future of the common currency.

There had been hope that Italy would move aggressively before its own finances came under the kind of pressure that has led Greece, Ireland and Portugal to seek bailouts. With pressure on his government growing, Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, agreed late Tuesday to step down, but only after Parliament approves an austerity plan for which the prospects are currently unclear. [can’t leave without giving the Italian people one last good shot up the poop chute, eh Silvio?]

That has proved enough to convince investors that the problems of Italy and the euro will not be solved by his departure, especially as bickering political parties in Greece were working for a third day to form a new government able and ready to implement the painful measures needed to win funding from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

Damn this ‘stick ‘em up’ thing, Greece won’t be able to restore its economy until they retake control of their own currency OR A Simple Plan is instituted.

Yeah, I’m an asshole with an agenda but I don’t hide that fact.

Why would the institution of A Simple Plan ‘save’ the Euro-zone?

Automatic Jubilee, followed immediately with the outlawing of ALL debt.

No ‘magic’ here good citizen. As I have stated repeatedly, NONE OF THIS IS NECESSARY! The entire global ‘debt crisis’ could be over tomorrow IF we took the necessary steps to insure it never happened again!

Which brings us full circle to A Simple Plan. The only holistic solution to both debt AND corruption!

But no! The current ‘fuck you, pay me’ crowd wants to keep you under their thumb, strangling the life out of you as they force you to pay more and more…and for what? They already have (almost) everything they want…so why keep pushing?

Oh yeah, they don’t have the fucking planet to themselves!

In "Half of US Mortgages Are Effectively Underwater," CNBC's Realty Check (yes, really) cites research from mortgage analyst Mark Hanson suggesting that the equity position of U.S. home "owners" (I use that term loosely) is far worse than the official tallies would have you believe.

On US totals, if you figure average house prices use conforming loan balances, then a repeat buyer has to have roughly 10 percent down to buy in addition to the 6 percent Realtor fee to sell. Thus, the effective negative equity target would be 85%. You also have to factor in secondary financing, which most measures leave out.

Based on that, over 50 percent of all mortgaged households in the US are effectively underwater — unable to sell for enough to pay a Realtor and put a down payment on a new purchase without coming out of pocket. Because repeat buyers have always carried the market as the foundation, this is why demand has not come back. It's as if half the potential buyers in America died over a two-year period of time.

My ‘point’ in asking your permission to proceed this morning was to draw your attention (once again) to the fucking Kabuki dance being performed by the corporate owned press.

Yesterday the stock markets ‘rallied’ to close in positive territory, today, not so much…

Is it beginning to look like they think we are stupid or are they too stupid to realize they aren’t fooling, er, most of us. (They routinely fool the average conservative!)

Claiming that they fool no one would be ‘inaccurate’…

How do I start my day? I begin by reading my mail then I go to the best damn aggregator on the web

All kidding aside, I’d be lost without my daily dose of CKM!

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