Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who IS to Blame?

Greetings good citizen,

Part of the Libertarian full frontal assault in favor of ‘free and unfettered markets’ has been the argument that the young have been screwed by the old

It’s the older generation’s ‘fault’ that there are no jobs and the government is broke…

How pathetic is it good citizen when a deep pocketed ‘think tank’ releases a study indicating that the ‘gap’ between the younger and older generations exists ‘naturally’ (ignoring the fact that there’s nothing ‘natural’ about what passes for our current economy.)

A new study purporting to show that older households are doing much better than younger ones in terms of wealth and income threatens to spark an intergenerational class war, pitting Americans of different ages – people who have all been devastated by the crash caused by Wall Street's recklessness -- against one another. But there are serious flaws in how the research is being interpreted.

The analysis, by Pew Research, is being spun as evidence that the government “spends too much” on the elderly while leaving younger Americans hanging out to dry. It's already becoming another weapon in the corporate right's long-running battle against Social Security.

There's no doubt that this economy is especially grim for young people. Unemployment among young adults continues to hover around 18 percent, and a report by the Federal Reserve found that full-time undergraduate students are borrowing 63 percent more for school than they did a decade ago. (Outstanding student-loan debt broke the trillion-dollar mark for the first time this year.) Young people have few prospects for decent jobs. This bleak situation is clearly a driving factor behind the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement; studies suggest that the “occupiers” skew young, don't have a lot of income and suffer from a much higher rate of unemployment than the country as a whole.

Anyway, the so-called ‘progressive press*’ is crying foul (and rightly so) at this latest attempt by conservatives to deflect blame for the negative consequences of their policy decisions.

(* Can there be a ‘progressive press’ if the Democratic Party no longer exists?)

DO SOME of the OWS protesters ‘blame’ the ‘old people’ for their plight?

Sure they do, because they are IGNORANT of how we got to be where we are today!

Where does the real blame lie? It lies with their great-grandparents who failed to put an end to capitalism when they had the chance in 1933.

Not that there was a viable alternative to capitalism back then. In those days socialists held sway (which is where the ‘New Deal’ came from, thank you!)

Tough to wrap you head around the notion that the same generation that produced Edison and Einstein FAILED to see the danger inherent in ‘income streams’!

Literally boggles the mind good citizen…but then you probably don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, do you?

Ready for another ‘jaunt off of the reservation?’

Good, buckle up, it’s going to be bumpy!

Why do (most) lottery winners (eventually) file for bankruptcy? The answer lies in the ‘income stream’.

Why are ‘rich people’ rich?

Again, the answer is (at least partially) due to control/ownership of an income stream.

What is an ‘income stream?’

For the average schmuck, your paycheck constitutes YOUR income stream.

Why aren’t you ‘rich’? because your income stream is intentionally too small to live on.

Rich people have (through the power of ownership) much larger income streams than you have access to so, unlike lottery winners, their income stream doesn’t ‘dry up’.

Like a movie set, YOU are the person the camera/siphon is aimed at, everybody on the other side of the camera uses YOU as THEIR income stream!

If you make barely enough to live on, how does somebody else use YOU as THEIR income stream?

Ownership TO THE INDIVIDUAL is essentially MEANINGLESS, power flows from owning A LOT of a particular commodity.

Yet you are ‘required’ to own a great number of items (if you expect to function in our modern society)…which also (unfortunately) serves to keep you in perpetual poverty.

You can see why they don’t teach this in school, kids would be murdering one another for their lunch money before they hit fourth grade!

Ironically, Libertarians would be fine with this…if they believe in nothing they believe in Darwin and the ‘law of the jungle’.

(Until either/or goes against them, then they want the ‘protection of the courts’!)

They’re all ‘ANIMALS’…until it is their turn to be eaten.

But I (once again) digress. I have explained what an ‘income stream IS but I have NOT explained why they are an ‘abomination’.

This brings us to the current global ‘banking crisis’, which, naturally, nobody is explaining correctly (or the revolution would already be underway…if not over already!)

Income streams are the primary reason why pretty much ALL of the money in a given society ends up stuck in the figurative ‘top’ of the income distribution.

Understand, good citizen; Civilization DOES NOT need money to operate NOR does it need to be ‘profitable’! (Don't you wish they'd teach THAT in school!)

Most people have been (rightly) scratching their heads wondering just who keeps putting the world’s tail in the financial wringer?

WHO (precisely) is saying ‘stick ‘em up’ to the rest of the civilized world?


Is that fucking insane or what?

If we were to stand them up on a gibbet with a noose around their neck, how quickly do you think they’d recant?

You’d get the occasional ‘nutter’ who would, even under those circumstances, stick to his/her guns and say ‘fuck you, pay me!’ as the trap door swung open beneath their feet…

Acting is a fine profession but there are limits, there’s a time to act and there’s a time to face the music.

Which is to say if a paycheck is ‘good enough’ for 99% of us then it is good enough for ALL of us…

And the ‘cornerstone’ of A Simple Plan is the Human anti-exploitation law which voids the ‘employer-employee relationship’.

If you were to ask me, it is long overdue. NOBODY should be given the ability to hold another individual’s livelihood ‘hostage’!

That and there will NEVER be enough jobs if we continue to support the capitalistic system of the employer ‘winning’ the difference between the cost to produce and the sell price…great for them but it SUCKS for everyone else!

The global race to the bottom has ruined the global economy and only a complete moron thinks there’s even a remote chance of ‘saving’ it.

Which is NOT to say there shouldn’t be a global economy, there has long been one but the need to ‘balance’ that against the reality that nobody can survive in an economic desert desperately needs to be addressed.

But that’s the trouble with ‘going off the reservation’; there’s so much ground to cover that you can easily get lost jumping from point to point.

There are so many reasons why we need to alter what we do and why we do it.

I heard (constantly) when I was growing up that nobody had a ‘better way’ than capitalism…and if there was something better, people would sure love to hear about it.

Well, I created that ‘better way’…but nobody wants to abandon the ‘devil they know’.

How unfortunate is it for you good citizen that failing to embrace change when the opportunity presents itself condemns your children to worse privation than you have suffered…all so (the same) ‘few’ can be rich?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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