Monday, October 31, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

I have been ‘out of town’ over the weekend and had a rather long commute home on Sunday. I spent today ‘in the office’ thus I have not had the opportunity to post until tonight, Halloween…and we haven’t had a single trick or treater!

This isn’t unusual for the rural area we live in, it’s a long walk between houses around here and we’re the only house on our street (the condo’s across the road are in a ‘security building’ so the kids have to be ‘buzzed in’, anyway, suffice to say the kids usually ‘blow off’ our side street in favor of the ‘richer pickings’ to be had on the next street over.

Ironically, I am mindful of how few kids we normally get (it varies wildly, we’ve had as many as 50 and as few as 9, although this year’s zero is a first…probably due to the snow.) So I only buy candy my kids (and my humble self) will enjoy!

Harder to puzzle out is what happened on Wall Street today? Trick or Treat?

In Europe, the Euro Stoxx 50 index of euro zone blue chips closed down 3.1 percent, while markets in Germany and Paris lost about 3.2 percent. The FTSE 100 in London was down 2.8 percent. Asian markets were down around 1 percent or less.

“I think it is a big sell-off — profit-taking after an enormous, ferocious, violent run upward,” said James W. Paulsen, chief investment strategist for Wells Capital Management, speaking about the declines in stocks.

But he also forecast that some of the data to be released this week could restore market attention to the economy in the United States.

“I think Europe is certainly part of the reason” for the down day, he said. “Where we end this week is going to have more to do with the data coming from Main Street, U.S.A.”

Seriously good citizen, what the HELL is WRONG with these people? Why does ‘bonehead’ think the collapse of the Euro Zone will leave the rest of the global economy unscathed?

He doesn’t even acknowledge that the recent (totally irrational) run up in stock prices displayed more than a little ‘cognitive dissonance’, does he?

Naturally, I’m being ‘kind’. Pretending the Euro crisis was solved (the purported reason behind the recent run up) or that it wasn’t an exercise in ‘wishful thinking’ borders on delusional!
But then again that’s the stock market for you (since the criminals took over.)

In reality good citizen, all of our ‘troubles’ (starting with the ‘fake prosperity‘) can be traced back to the breakdown in ‘the rule of law.’

We’ve been ‘told’ (rather than seen for ourselves) how ‘fabulous’ we’ve been doing…but in truth, only the criminals have been doing ‘fabulous’, everybody else has been sucking pond water!

Now there is a movement afoot to restore our failed Justice system but it has zero ‘guidance.’

So-called ‘legal professionals’ have let this situation get out of hand so they CAN’T BE TRUSTED to either rebuild or restore that which is broken.

Where do we turn in a situation like this?

We will have to ‘trust’ ourselves, good citizen.

A Simple Plan has an initial set of laws prescribed within it that can be used as a foundation we can use to re-establish the justice system.

I used the principle of those who must live under the laws should be the sole arbiters of what should or should not be ‘illegal’.

Full Time Law-makers are neither necessary or desirable.

In fact, providing anyone with the, er, ‘privilege’ of interpreting the laws will be prohibited!

For too long we have suffered the, er, ‘machinations of the self-serving’ who claimed only they ‘understood’ the law…

Which flies in the face of one of the most basic premises of law itself, that for law to be effective, it must be easy to understand!

You wouldn’t think you’d need a law that states that premise but indeed we do!

You wouldn’t think it would be necessary to prohibit the ‘practice’ of law but indeed we do!

Most people (until they find themselves on the ‘wrong side’ of an arbitrary legal decision) fail to see the necessity of prohibiting judges!

It is and has been a stupendous failure to let an entire class of self-important twits to make our laws while exempting themselves from them!

This is what happens when you let a certain ‘class of individuals’ claim exclusive provenance over what we all must live by!

So what will it be good citizen,




The law is no joking matter…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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