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Greetings good citizen,

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am thankful there isn’t a stock market to try and make sense of today, not that this affects reality on any given day…

Except in the way I mentioned yesterday…(about how the rest of us are being ripped off.)

Everywhere you look civilization is crumbling. Yet the corporate owned media continues to spout the ‘Happy Talk’ of economic recovery under the insidious assumption that you are too stupid to tell the difference…

Thankfully we have a few commentators that don’t take you for a chump

Here’s the latest from Mr. Williams of

No. 398: September Trade Deficit November 10th, 2011
September Trade Data Suggest Minimal Upside Contribution to Pending GDP Revision

U.S. Fiscal Disaster Surpasses Any Problems Seen With Major Trading Partners

Pending Special Commentaries

Dunno quite what to make of that last one, (probably a ‘preview’ for subscribers…)

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, the world you and I were raised in is toast.

Yeah, there’s a disturbing tendency to look at this mess through the lens of me but what is happening to the US is happening to the rest of the world as well.

How fortunate is it that A Simple Plan is designed to expand infinitely!

(To facilitate that expansion there is a rather ‘hard-nosed’ trade policy incorporated into the plan.)

But I digress…

As I have commented on repeatedly, the news tends to cycle in lockstep with the news of the day being repeated throughout the media spectrum.

In Thursday’s ‘Local Rag’ there was an editorial that mirrored this morning’s piece from Joshua Holland of Alternet fame

I did not include any text from Joshua’s piece because he is ‘professionally constrained’ from engaging in ‘speculation’ (because he is one of the ‘serious people’.)

I am under no such restriction! I am free to speculate my ass off!

Breaking things and running away, who do you suppose that sounds like?

Tea Partiers anyone?

Who has been itching to get some dirt on these kids?

Same answer.

Does two plus two = cause and effect?

I have no ‘proof’ of that.

Anyway, didn’t the article in the local rag proclaim, enough is enough (and mind you, this guy usually voices liberal opinions!) That the OWS crowd had ‘made their point’ and continuing could only harm an otherwise ‘commendable’ movement.

What, pray tell, did our anonymous author base that opinion on, did the Wall Street fraudsters confess their guilt en masse? Did Congress rescind ALL Free Trade agreements (by ordering Wal-Mart to close?)

Hell no!

The writer knew the kids had accomplished as much as they were going to and that they should (temporarily) disband before a fairly delicate situation was turned on them like it has been in Oakland…

Conversely, the publicly funded corporate protection services are due to be faced with the price of their treachery.

While protests are a function of our First Amendment rights, they are but a precursor to an inevitable Second Amendment showdown.

Humanity's propensity to say one thing while knowing it to be utter bullshit has always disturbed me.

Does anyone honestly believe ANYTHING will change without violence?

(The ONLY reason Kings around the world WILLINGLY ‘abdicated’ was because it removed the ‘bulls-eye’ that comes with the crown! Once kings figured out that they could get what they wanted (riches) by moving their thrones into their Treasuries, they gladly surrendered the ‘reins of power’.

(No irony should be lost on the fact that this development roughly coincides with the concept of ‘printing’ money.)

The only other time change has come about without the use of force is when it was already too late.

Our current ‘Blood for Oil’ campaigns disguised as ‘the global war on terra’ are perfect examples of pointlessness.

No irony should be lost on the fact that these thinly disguised ‘oil wars’ have acted as a ‘jobs’ program that has served to hide the off-shoring of our economy.

Now our economy is so ‘hollowed out’ that this tactic has become fruitless.

So what do you think is going to happen when the Republicans win the White House around the same time a few hundred thousand soldiers come home to the economic desert?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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