Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's it gonna be?

Greetings good citizen,

Fantastically, good citizen, stock markets are back in positive territory after yesterday’s ‘rush for the exits’.

How ‘credible’ is this development?

I’d posit that credibility be damned, the stock markets went from 1,900 to 12,000 on the DISMANTLING of our industrial base but hey, what the fuck…can’t cry about it.

We couldn’t stop them from doing it, now we can only make then wish the fuck they hadn’t.

So, yesterday’s ‘point’ was the Euro-Zone IS ‘unsalvageable’ (under capitalism.)

What does that make today’s point?

That we live in a world measured by ‘creative accounting’, that two for me and none for you is how the world works (until you get fed up and say ‘fuck off, find another chump to put up with your bullshit!’)

And they do!

Naturally, the ‘other chump’ doesn’t suspect what he’s in for; he’s just happy he cheated the long period of unemployment between jobs.

Oh fucking well!

If we were to ‘split the difference’ between these two outcomes would we arrive at ‘equilibrium’?

That’s what those mismanaging our affairs would have you think, it all ‘balances’ in the end.

Sadly this is not the case.

Without a jubilee we have arrived at the ’end stage’ of capitalism, the stage where the interest on the debt/working capital of the global economy overwhelms the market’s ability to operate ‘profitably’.

Margins were slender to begin with, you don’t have to ‘roll over’ a whole lot of cash before you’re, er, ‘demanding’ more interest than a ‘normal’ investment can guarantee!

Let us not forget the ‘left behind’ worker and the sharp increase in defaults…

Destroy your ‘customer base’ and you flush future profitability down the drain with it.

Sadly, the choice to go down the road where we are currently standing was made long ago, it’s too late to turn back now. We must rebuild from scratch.

The damning indictment was not only did they ‘export’ the jobs, they also exported the equipment necessary to do the job with!

Left to our imagination is what good did a ‘college education’ do when these morons were signing ‘free trade agreements’ that were turning the nation into an ‘economic desert’?

But hey, wasn’t the ‘invisible hand’ supposed to take care of the, er, ‘void’ for us?

Tell that to all of the other Banana Republics in this capitalist world!

Oh there’s gonna be a fight all right, the question is, good citizen, whose gonna win?

We’ve got numbers on our side but they have ‘THE LAW’ on theirs…

Worse, good citizen, in this case it is ‘the law’ THEY make, so it always favors them.

How do you think we got here in the first place?

This perhaps best illustrates the need to place the law (as well as the statistics) of civilization beyond the reach of the ‘self-interested’.

Politicians have a long history of selling the rest of us down the river while ‘cooking the books’ to cover their tracks…

But this crisis isn’t ‘limited’ to politicians…our patriotic business owners have played fast and loose with the charters they were granted as well.

Which is to say this is the primary reason behind the ‘shrink the government movement…not that this will do them any good.

The French monarchy was firmly in the hands of a corrupt commercial sector and they both perished anyway!

Then, like now, stupid is as stupid does.

That’s something to keep in mind as we watch the ONLY indicator of ‘economic health’ act so irrationally as to be rendered useless.

And maybe that’s the point I keep missing.

The news tells us multiple millions are drowning in the cesspool the privileged have dug for us.

Why would the stock markets treat this as ‘good news’?

More for Them!

So what’s it going to be, good citizen?

More for Them and the cesspool for you (and yours since you won’t be around to defend them?)

Or should we hang Them (and those stupid enough to defend Them) High?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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