Thursday, November 24, 2011

Greetings good citizen,

Does the list of things you’re thankful for read like a list of (narrowly averted) disasters rather than a bounty of blessings?

Truth be told good citizen , the 99 (actually 80 percent) doesn’t have much to be ‘thankful’ for (Which really steams the self-professed ‘job creators’, big-time!)

Being thankful that we weren’t beat up worse than we have been is sort of, er, counterproductive…

What does it say when the idea of fighting back sounds like something that you’d like to be thankful for?

Well, you know what they say, ‘shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first!’

Which is to point out that you should be doing more than merely ‘wishing’ you could stand up for yourself.

Maybe NEXT Thanksgiving…

On this Thanksgiving day we’re going to kick off with a ’double shot’ of Shadow Stats

No. 402: GDP Revision, October Durable Goods and Existing Home Sales
November 23rd, 2011

Headline Gross Domestic Income (GDP Equivalent) Growth Collapsed with Suggestion of 0.8% Contraction for Third-Quarter

Slowing Annual Growth in Durable Goods Orders

Existing Home Sales Bottom-Bounce Once Again, U.S. Government Signals Lack of Fiscal Concerns

No. 401: Underlying Economic Reality, October Housing Starts November 17th, 2011

Housing Starts Continued Three-Year Pattern of Bottom-Bouncing

Economic Recovery Never Happened

Hyped Gains Were Based on Gimmicked Inflation Adjustments

Current Downturn Already Exceeds Duration of Great Depression’s First Down-Leg

Um, there isn’t really much I can elaborate on here. Mr. Williams (once again) pretty much nails it.

Nailed what, you might ask?

That the facts have been distorted to fit the desired outcome.

Which is something to ponder while you’re sitting there contemplating whether or not it’s a bad thing that you can’t think of anything to be genuinely thankful for (or, more succinctly, anyone to be grateful to, a common conundrum experienced by fellow atheists.)

Perhaps, while your pondering the imponderable you can puzzle for a while about how this whole lack of gratitude thing plays right into the hands of the disgustingly ungrateful few!

Yes, they never miss an opportunity to accuse the rest of us of being ‘ungrateful’, the only thing more puzzling is why we should show gratitude for what basically amounts to fucking ourselves?

Be happy you’ve got a job, millions of people would kill to be as ‘lucky’ as you are!

Which promptly causes you to wonder if you missed the day when the teacher explained that ‘lucky’ is a synonym for ‘stupid’ because nobody would feel lucky to have a job working for an asshole like him!

How ironic is it that your ‘reward’ for not screwing up is the opportunity to come back the next day for another bite of the everlasting shit sandwich?

Seriously good citizen, we have little to be (genuinely) thankful for…worse, it’s only a paid day off for some of us…the rest (and I’d say for a majority) it’s just another bite of the incredible everlasting shit sandwich.

Which is to point out, things won’t get better until we make it happen!

Happy Thanksgiving (to my US readers) and a Happy November 24 to the rest!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


[Time to eat the turkey!]

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