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It is time once again to re-post the reason ‘why’ most of my dispatches center on economic news or are lifted from the economic sector of our civilization.

The overall ‘health’ of our civilization is most easily ascertained by monitoring our collective ‘economic health’.

Why do you think the corporate owned media keeps pointing at the (largely meaningless) stock markets?

Because you have been ‘duped’ into thinking a healthy Dow equals a healthy economy!

Um, after three days of ‘pumping’ the price of stocks, the world’s stock markets have once again ‘reversed direction’.

And am I the only one who noticed that the price of oil has been stuck at over $105 a barrel for the past three days?

What does this news tell YOU about the ‘real status’ of our globally interlocked economy?

Does it tell you something along the lines of, ‘at least the people who sell oil will have a rather nice holiday season this year?’

Here is a snapshot of today’s business section from the NY Times:

Ambitious Law Firm Is Reduced to Grim Dispatches

Dewey & LeBoeuf set its sights on becoming a global powerhouse in corporate law, but it is now close to collapse amid a partner exodus and too much debt.

What do you suppose is up with that? Naturally we can only wonder which investigative body has then ‘dead to rights’ that so many partners are ‘jumping ship’…but what about the vacuum this is happening in? Doesn’t that raise some curious ‘red flags’ all by itself?

Why don’t we know?

BSkyB headquarters in London.
Broadcaster Distances Itself From News Corp.

A day after a British parliamentary panel castigated Rupert Murdoch, BSkYB insisted on Wednesday that it was a “fit and proper” company to hold a broadcasting license.

Panel in Hacking Case Finds Murdoch Unfit as News Titan
Findings Bolster Calls for News Corp. Changes
With Report, a Tabloid Editor Is Again Part of the Story

Now there’s a headline that belabors the obvious! How sad is it that News Corp’s ‘audience’ is those with less than a sixth grade comprehension level?

Unemployment at Record High in Euro Zone

Unemployment rose to 10.9 percent in April, the 11th monthly increase in row, and is likely to add to tension ahead of national elections in Greece and France on Sunday.
[and in a related story…]

Jobs Reports Send Shares Lower

Stocks on Wall Street fell after disappointing data on Europe’s economy and a report showing slowing job growth in the United States.

Private Survey Shows Drop in Hiring 9:29 AM ET

How’s about them apples?

Recovery? What recovery!

Is this whole thing headed for a ‘shootin’ war?’

You betcha!

Will YOU be able to stay ‘neutral’?

No fucking way, Jose!

The > One percent is going to need all the help it can muster (and they are experts in fucking you into action!) Although this is probably a piss poor time for choosing badly.

IF you think the > One Percent is going to come out on top then it will serve you well to fall into line, sacrificing your life and your families future for ‘more of the same’.

If you believe in the power of numbers then the obvious choice will be to side with the 99 Percent…which is actually the 80% (because the > One percent uses the top 20 percent to keep the rest of us ‘in line’.)

Ironically, the top 20 percent is kept in line with the constant threat that they will be kicked back down to the lower 80% level, that’s the reason they are so eager to sell the rest of us out.

They KNOW our life sucks and they don’t want to go back to living as we do.

Naturally, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out just who is going to be bearing the brunt of the losses in the coming face off.

It will be the 20% (and their families!)

Sadly, treachery is treachery and the children will be made to pay for the sins of their parents.

No irony should be lost on the fact that one of the ways the > One Percent will enhance their numbers will be by taking the children of the lower 80% ‘hostage’.

They will offer your family ‘safety’ if you agree to stay and fight…but unlike the 20%, your family will remain ‘local’ under relatively ‘light’ guard.

The 20%, upon realizing the danger to their family, will demand that their kin be taken overseas, away from the danger of local rioting…and some of them will be accommodated. Most of ‘em will end up in the same camps the families of the 80% are kept in…and the guards WON’T be told to ‘sort ‘em out’ before they execute the lot of ‘em!

Ah, a grim thing indeed…

Just like the grim news we see on a daily basis in the financial markets…probably should add ‘criminal financial markets’ just as we have added ‘corporate owned’ to the useless media.

Once again I will ask YOU: Why don’t we know?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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