Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fried (as in cooked)

Greetings good citizen,

Did I mention that it’s over? Put a fork in it baby because she’s ‘done’, toast in fact!

We (some time ago) entered the Alice in Wonderland phase of collapse where the residents of the shattered lands begin to realize just how badly broken their cozy little society really was.

Yesterday I was treated to an editorial in the (decidedly conservative) local rag that had me asking myself the same question I regularly ask myself regarding conservatives…

How do you argue with a broken mind?

Understandably, ‘editorials’ are mostly ‘opinion’ and we read them to learn what (and sometimes how) others think.

Well good citizen, this editorial was (chapter and verse) straight from the ‘conservative play book’ which states a single ‘indisputable’ fact, that more tax cuts will solve everything.

Oh and the other ‘conservative canard’ of Tax and Spend Liberals (as opposed to borrow and spend conservatives!) was also there, in case you’d forgotten.

Anyway, numbnuts went on to say our current, er; ‘foundering economy’ was due to excess taxation that went towards entitlement programs…

And, in a brazen display of cognitive dissonance, this ‘retiree’ had the chutzpah to complain about rising healthcare costs forcing ‘rationing’ within the healthcare industry!

Which is to say he demands his healthcare but he doesn’t want to pay for it.

How the hell do you argue with someone so…STUPID?

Let’s back up a moment to a perfect example of ‘cause and effect’…(but the >One Percent don’t want YOU thinking about this:)

For decades after WWII our lifestyle and income improved consistently. It got so you could count on getting a raise in pay EVERY year (if not every six months!)

And people planned accordingly! They began to plan their lives around raises they hadn’t even gotten yet.

And then the 80’s hit and Reagan got in office.

And what did we get? No more raises and runaway inflation!

What caused them? Slashing taxes!

Yup, slashing taxes dried up salary increases (although it didn’t dry up inflation.)

Why did slashing taxes dry up salary increases? Because (thanks to the fucking Republicans) owners were allowed to keep the bulk of what they bilked society for!

Back when the top tax rate was 90+ percent the employer had two choices of what to do with ‘his’ profits, he could pay his help better (literally ‘buying’ their loyalty) or he could hand it over to Uncle Sam, who would gladly find a use for the money.

Yes good citizen, ‘happiness’ is a high marginal tax rate!

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the rich already have everything they want, paying themselves more serves NO USEFUL purpose…but the chiseling greed-heads won’t give YOU and extra nickel because they can hire labor that still lives in a mud hut for pennies a day.

Worse, the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and each time (truly) expecting a different outcome…

But then we have these other disturbing stories from the, er, ‘alternative media’.

And you can be sure some will cry ‘foul’ for pointing to this ‘bad apple’ case.

But the evidence continues to build that the people we hire to ‘protect and serve’ are doing neither.

And many suspect the reason for this lie in how these assets are being ‘managed.’

And this brings us back to the ‘crux’ of the situation. It is not a ‘financial crisis’ but a legal one!

Which reminds me (back to the topic of ‘put a fork in it’) the headlines this morning said stocks opened lower due to the ‘lack of a resolution’ in the Greek debt crisis. (Which would be more accurately stated as the ongoing failure to bring the international bankers to justice, but there it is!)

Markets, if you bothered to check, displayed the (still) disturbing phenomenon of spiking upwards that roughly corresponds to the opening of the NYSE worldwide…the only ‘exception’ to this was the NYSE East located in London…

Big surprise, huh?

By now most of you are used to hearing ‘chirping crickets’ around here. Beyond the occasional spammer there has been no ‘dialog’ in the past three years…but that won’t stop me from asking:

What evidence are YOU seeing that things are not ‘as they should be’ in YOUR neck of the woods?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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