Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Falling

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Perhaps more useful than specific articles, the snippet of headlines in the business section provides us with a clearer picture of the contradictions being fed to us by the corporate owned media.

Were we to back away a couple of steps and, er, ‘pretend’ the media is the victim here, that they can’t help what the news is which is totally wrong! We would come away shaking our heads trying to figure out which parts of the media’s stories are in fact lies.

Because if the news doesn’t make sense then somebody is lying.

It really is as simple as that.

In fact, I’ll go you one better. The news should make ‘holistic sense’; it should all be related by a clear cause and effect chain!

But is that what we’re seeing?

After Facebook, More Fear of Stock Market

The financial industry had hoped that Facebook would rekindle ordinary investors’ excitement in stocks. But the Facebook faltering just added to a growing retreat from the stock market.

DealBook: Talk of Facebook Interest Drives Shares in European Web Browser 8:56 AM ET

The long-term unemployed face the end of benefits. | Microsoft still working to integrate Skype.| After Facebook's troubled debut, smaller investors shy away from stocks.

U.S. Winds Down Longer Benefits for the Unemployed

In February, Congress phased in a reduction of the number of weeks of extended aid and made it more difficult for states to qualify for the maximum aid, adding a financial burden to the long-term unemployed.

Wall Street Rallies
By 27 minutes ago

Stock indexes in the United States raced higher, after their first weekly gain since April, on a report that home prices showed marginal improvement in March.

Home Prices Show Mixed Improvement 9:58 AM ET

Spanish Data Point to Further Decline
By DAVID JOLLY 3 minutes ago

Spanish retail sales fell by a record 9.8 percent in April, and the Bank of Spain forecast that the economy would continue to shrink through June.
Euro Isn’t Loved, but Few Want to Drop It, Poll Says

A poll of citizens of five nations using the euro indicates they do not want to revert to a system of different currencies, a survey by Pew Research Center shows.

So, if we read the current headlines (and admittedly, they change from minute to minute) we can’t make heads nor tails of the current news environment. This is because you are being bombarded with independent snippets, many of them generated by people that want YOU to remain ignorant of the truth!

It’s like the highly massaged and politicized ‘government statistics’ that don’t tell you the truth about anything.

Then you get some idiot that insists the government data isn’t ‘wrong’ if you know how to read it!

Which brings us full circle to the issue of what use is incomplete data?

And the short answer is, it is very useful when it comes to covering up inconvenient facts.

This is usually done with the disclaimer, we don’t have all of the data right now (nor will we ever) but this is what it looks like so far, if we back out this information and lump these three piles together!

Why back out this and lump in those, because it distorts the data to show the situation in a ‘favorable light’.

Once the ‘real data’ is available you end up with the results you suspected it would yield but by now the spotlight is being trained on different (albeit incomplete) data.

And as long as they can keep your attention focused on the irrelevant, you won’t notice that they aren’t doing anything to fix the here and now.

Let’s focus for a moment on this series parting shot, that the Euro isn’t ‘loved’ but few want to ‘drop it’.

Why do you suppose that is?

Is this not a perfect example of ‘perception management’?

People who would be much better off outside the currency union don’t want to abandon the Euro because they ‘fear’ that their nation’s currency wouldn’t be as ‘strong’ as the currency backed by 27 nation states!

And every time you open that particular door the bankers give you what you wish for.

Which is to (once again) point out that whosoever controls your money controls YOU!

With that as a given, don’t YOU want a ‘level playing field’?

This is why under A Simple Plan ‘your money is for you…and no one else!’

This is the major ‘flaw’ in monetary design and why our civilization is so badly mismanaged.

Money is only ‘useful’ to the individual (and then only as a regulator.) Especially in a world where too many things have price tags hanging off of them!

Think every thing has a price…how much would you sell one of your children for?

If you can arrive at a price, regardless of how ridiculous, you are a monster!

We could temper that with the notion that your kids aren’t yours to sell but, conversely, YOU are not ‘Yours to sell’ either (because there are no buyers!) [Want to see a Libbie’s head explode, tell he doesn’t own himself and watch him FREAK!]

The whole justification of buying someone else’s labor is unjustifiable, it allows the undeserving to skate…and that is unjust!

Not that repeating how ‘unjustified’ it is makes the point any clearer…

It all starts with management and a clear goal, specifically, the ‘common good’, which the challengers of labels like to call ‘socialism’.

Which should mystify most of the sycophants out there, how do capitalist knotheads rail against socialism while screaming for the common good?

The two terms are interchangable.


Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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