Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

All of those ‘bargains’ lying around on the exchange floor were too much to resist for the typical NYSE trader…even though they are sinking like stones (again) as I write this.

Not that it matters from a long-term point of view.

It won’t be long before stock markets around the world collapse completely under their, er, ‘highly subjective’ valuations (that have zero basis in fact.)

Which brings us to another ‘weather balloon’ that suffered ‘failure to launch’ syndrome:
I haven't written much at all about the effort to create a new political party called 'Americans Elect.' It seemed so stupid that it didn't merit my attention. My only interest in it was to see who they nominated for president because it could potentially change the outcome of the general election in November. But every time I checked on their progress I discovered that no one was paying any attention to them and they were failing to nominate anyone at all. Now they've basically given up on getting a 'bipartisan' ticket nominated according to their bylaws. No one showed up to vote, so no one can be nominated.

They've already secured a ballot line in most states, so there is a powerful incentive to change the rules and pick some ticket, if only to vindicate the tens of millions of dollars these hedge fund managers invested in the effort. I enjoyed this comment on the meaning of their failure:

“The worst thing would be for people to look at a failure to field a candidate and conclude that there is no appetite for this kind of change, which would be just completely wrong,” argues Mark McKinnon, former chief strategist for the Bush campaign, a fellow Daily Beast columnist, and a member of the Americans Elect advisory board. “I think part of the issue is that politics have become so ugly that it is simply difficult to attract good people to participate,” McKinnon adds. “And who can blame them?”

Um, you can read the rest of the article but what is conspicuously missing from this article is the observation that all THREE efforts to take the White House were being ‘orchestrated’ by CONSERVATIVES…


The, er, ‘incumbent’ has proven repeatedly that he IS a conservative ‘running as’ a Democrat. Despite the clownish sideshow of endless public debates, Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney was the best/most credible candidate the Republican’s could come up with.

Which leaves us this, er, ‘backup plan’ of fielding some ‘Captain of Industry’ as a ‘third party alternative’ to ballot box stuffing conservative or nothing agenda we are being subjected to whether we like it or not.

Because that’s what it ALL comes down to, good citizen. This November you choice will boil down to the ‘conservative you know vs. the conservative you don’t…and there ain’t a nickel’s difference between the two of ‘em (cuz they both take their marching orders from the same people so it don’t matter ‘who’ wins, the rest of us lose!)

It could be fun to speculate just who the ‘hedgies’ would, er, ‘tempt’ to toss their hat in the ring!

I mean, what do you think of Jamie Dimon’s chances now?

Um, how about Jeff Immelt or Lloyd Blankfein?

More interesting (considering The Donald and NY’s Mayor Mr. Bloomberg have both floated test balloons that crashed and burned) is just who would be their ‘ideal mainstream candidate’ who ISN’T a member of the > One Percent…

And the answer is (cue chirping crickets) NOBODY!

Despite my total availability it should sadden you all to note I have not been approached about a possible run (not that I would.)

Which is to point out that they aren’t looking very, er, ‘diligently’ for…‘elect-able candidates’.

Their ‘failure’ to field speaks volumes about what this agenda driven crowd would find ‘acceptable’ in a candidate.

First and foremost he or she would need to an expert ‘fence rider’. Publicly railing against the > One Percent while rolling over and playing dead when it came to extending the Bush Tax cuts.

They’ll talk a ‘good game’ about financial reform but be totally unable to produce any.

Which is exactly what we’ll get from Mitt…and what we’ve come to expect from his, er, what do you call this sympatico duo? Opponent isn’t right, um, ‘placeholder’ seems to be as good as I can come up with, although Uncle Tom fits BOTH of them to a T!

Then there is the perceived ‘need’ for a ‘new and more responsive’ political party…because it has become obvious that the ‘money power’ destroyed the old opponent.

Like W’s assertion that this whole thing would be easier if HE were a dictator, the conservo-monkeys don’t really want any ‘political opposition’.

Ideally, their political opposition would make their proposals look sane and reasonable…

Too bad the Tea Party is a grassroots member of the decidedly whacko conservative brand!

Because the Tea Partiers would be the ‘perfect foil’ for the conservo-loonies!

What’s frightening is how THE ENTIRE PROCESS has been ‘commandeered’ by right-wing conservatives…including the, er, ‘search’ for a replacement for the Democrats…

Um, in case you haven’t figured this out for yourself yet, we are in a heap of trouble, good citizen!

Because the guy who left the building just before Elvis? That guy was ‘reason and empathy’.

If we don’t find him before the conservatives murder him, it’s game over…

And not just here in the USA, the puppet government thing is now global…so it’s a good thing that A Simple Plan is designed to be ‘universal’ as well!

When I say ‘clean sweep’, I mean all around!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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