Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

I’d opine that we just got one step closer to the ‘final unraveling’ that will cause our financial system to collapse and throw the world’s ‘puppet governments’ into, er, ‘disarray’.

The inevitable ‘push-back’ against crippling ‘austerity’ leaves the bankers with no alternative…I said four years ago there is no way to use the system to repair the system, the tools don’t exist!

So what does that tell you good citizen?

That when this crap-storm finally exhausts itself, the only alternative left will be the ‘reset switch’.

The question is do YOU want the fuckers responsible for this disaster to be the ones pushing the reset button?

Your answer SHOULD BE a resounding NO…but how much ‘choice’ do you think you are going to have in this matter?


Worse, they get to keep ALL of the shit they’ve stolen so far and YOUR circumstances will barely change!

Click, click-boom, Good citizen!

The likely ‘presto-chango’ they are going to pull will be the ‘depersonalization’ of the Real Estate markets.

You will be ‘relieved of your obligation’ to pay for the real estate you’ve purchased (but that obligation will be replaced with a ‘rental fee’ (for maintenance and upkeep, surly you understand…just like condo fees although you’ll still be expected to shovel the driveway and cut the grass.)

You see, good citizen, this will be a ‘win-win’ for our overlords. Labor will be free to move where it is needed now that housing is no longer part of the equation.

Hey, (in the beginning anyway) you’ll be automatically let out of your lease if you are moving out due to a job change…later this might prove troublesome but in the beginning they are more interested in showing you what nice guys they are! (And how lucky you are to have them running things!)

But wait a minute Slim…once again we have a myopic ‘Merikan warning us to beware of the decline of the US

Um, the old codger was 82…and it is not ‘uncommon’ for people that age to have a US centric worldview, but seriously good citizen, when this CF falls apart. More than just the US is gonna come ‘unglued’:
Now in principle, the Big Picture seems simple enough, though devilishly complex in the details. We live in the declining years of what is still the biggest economy in the world, where a looter elite has fastened itself upon the decaying carcass of the empire. It is intent on speedily and relentlessly extracting the maximum wealth from that carcass, impoverishing our former working middle class. But this maggot class does not invest its profits here. By law and by stock-market pressures, corporations must seek their highest possible profits, no matter the social or national consequences -- which means moving capital and resources abroad, wherever profit potential is larger. As Karl Marx darkly remarked, “Capital has no country,” and in the conditions of globalization his meaning has come clear.

The looter elite systematically exports jobs, skills, knowledge, technology, retaining at home chiefly financial manipulation expertise: highly profitable, but not of actual productive value. Through “productivity gains” and speedups, it extracts maximum profit from domestic employees; then, firing the surplus, it claims surprise that the great mass of people lack purchasing power to buy up what the economy can still produce (or import).

Here again Marx had a telling phrase: “Crisis of under-consumption.” When you maximize unemployment and depress wages, people have to cut back. When they cut back, businesses they formerly supported have to shrink or fail, adding their own employees to the ranks of the jobless, and depressing wages still further. End result: something like Mexico, where a small, filthy rich plutocracy rules over an impoverished mass of desperate, uneducated, and hopeless people.

Um, Marx made some insightful observations into the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system but ‘the commune’ was not the solution/alternative he made it out to be.

Being an Anarchist, I’m not too fond of Communists.

But this isn’t about me or dead ideologies.

It’s about YOU and the, er, collapse of life as you have come to know it.

For folks my age, the world we were raised in is gone, irretrievably.

Many of you were born not knowing anything different from what you see today. The Department of Homeland Security and the unilateral, extra-judicial execution of, er, ‘terrorists’ by killer drones were NOT the way things ‘always were’…

But in another generation they will be.

The road ahead is still yours to decide.

Will you choose unity and cooperation or will you choose phantom bogeymen and (mostly angry) spirits in the sky?

You’re the adult now, you choose.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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