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Greetings good citizen,

I am, er, ‘naturally attracted’ to articles with the words ‘demented capitalism’ in their titles…but when those articles turn to equally as mindless communism for contrast I sort of choke on my corn flakes…

But first a quick blurb about today’s financial markets…

Since nothing has been done to improve the situation it should shock no one that ‘the markets’ are globally hemorrhaging money.

The good news is it’s all ‘funny money’, the bad news is these idiots tied their funny money to our, er, ‘operating funds’, confusing the signals and fucking up production schedules.

This will (naturally) lead to a systemic collapse that the boneheads actually desire.

The mission objective now is to ‘muddy the waters’ so hopelessly that the worst perpetrators will walk away unmolested. (If they are frugal enough to flee into the third world and assume the native lifestyle…which ain’t gonna happen because most of these asshats are too full of themselves to save their own lives.)

Okay, when my digressing starts to digress it’s time to return to the subject at hand
The war on the Native Americans, like the wars waged by colonialists around the globe, was waged to eradicate not only a people but a competing ethic. The older form of human community was antithetical and hostile to capitalism, the primacy of the technological state and the demands of empire. This struggle between belief systems was not lost on Marx. “The Ethnological Notebooks of Karl Marx” is a series of observations derived from Marx’s reading of works by [European] historians and anthropologists. He took notes about the traditions, practices, social structure, economic systems and beliefs of numerous indigenous cultures targeted for destruction. Marx noted arcane details about the formation of Native American society, but also that “lands [were] owned by the tribes in common, while tenement-houses [were] owned jointly by their occupants.” He wrote of the Aztecs, “Commune tenure of lands; Life in large households composed of a number of related families.” He went on, “… reasons for believing they practiced communism in living in the household.” Native Americans, especially the Iroquois, provided the governing model for the union of the American colonies, and also proved vital to Marx and Engel’s vision of communism.

How curious is it good citizen that the average communist will readily attack capitalism but fails to see how closely aligned communism is to capitalism.

And I’m sure the columnist would vehemently deny any affiliation with the communist party, preferring to tone it down by saying he’s ‘sympathetic’ to communism.

Worse is how people ‘automatically assume’ that if you are not a capitalist then you are, by default, communist.

And somehow anarchists got ‘lumped in’ with communists because the capitalist labeled both ideologies ‘socialist’.

But the capitalist did the anarchists another ‘favor’; they got their propagandists to associate the word anarchy with ‘chaos’…

But this is not a lesson in politics…or semantics for that matter.

If there is a ‘useful takeaway’ in this article it is the emphasis the media has placed on playing up ‘pro-capitalism’ while literally assassinating anything that opposes its continued reign.

But even that, er, ‘understates’ the scope of the situation. All of our institutions ‘glorify’ capitalism and the few it benefits to the detriment of society itself.

You should really shun anyone who attacks socialism because society itself is a decidedly ‘socialist’ organization, regardless of whose rules you’re playing by.

More importantly, everything ‘good’ in our society is the product of ‘socialism’ so when an (obviously) ‘empty-headed’ conservative ‘attacks’ his opponent for being ‘socialist’, he is actually complimenting them!

You see, the ‘more for me’ (rugged individualist) capitalist doesn’t want to contribute to ‘the public good’.

He made his heap (by legitimately screwing) others and believes others should do likewise.

What’s truly disturbing is the people who idolize this variety of anti-social behavior.

Our capitalist cheerleading squad would have you believe that most of us aspire to the notion of being ‘king of the hill’ someday…to the point where capitalism ‘promises us’ our own private hill to be king of.

But if you don’t achieve that ‘ideal’ then it’s YOUR fault, you didn’t have ‘the right stuff’!

How ironic is it that the ‘right stuff’ is largely the kind of thing that will land you behind bars if your caught doing it!

Thus are the ‘heroes’ of our civilization mostly heartless criminals…with unscrupulous PR behind them, cleaning up/whitewashing their reputations.

You would be correct in your gut instinct that most people neither ‘envy’ nor idolize the, er, ‘successful’ (they are [sadly] too busy making someone else rich to be overly concerned.)

Perhaps more ironic is how YOUR meager existence is the foundation of some billionaires fortune!

Why most people never realize that it is THEIR labor that makes the rich man rich is ‘cognitive dissonance’ taken to the nth degree!

Wake up stupid, there is a better way!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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