Monday, May 28, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Perhaps today is not the day to ask ‘who are these people and who, precisely, do they think they’re fooling?'

Here in ‘Dreamland’ otherwise known as the broken and miserable US of A, we are told ‘there’s always room at the top’…but we know what that means. The unspoken part of that expression says ‘for MY kids!’

There’s a lot of ‘speech’ favoring equal rights and affirmative action but very little actual evidence of it.

What they’re trying to say is ‘there’s room at the top…but it’s reserved for me and mine.

So we get more stories like this from the friggin’ clueless (who sadly think you’re just as clueless as they are/pretend to be.)
Ivy League universities tend to self-select young people who have a more conformist sense of achievement. True, students at Harvard and Yale are unlikely to be forced to work at coffee shops to pay off loans. But they measure themselves by a different yardstick, and the idea of not living up to all the hype that they and their families have been fed about their world-class educations can induce panic even in the well-to-do. Plus, Ivy Leaguers, just like students everywhere, register cultural shifts, and with the U.S. economy still crawling and the Eurozone stumbling and JP Morgan losing billions, many of them now feel that they had better make a run for Wall Street and make as much money as they can before Armageddon.

[Not that money is going to do you a lick of good once the bottom drops out!]

Then there’s also what James Kwak and others have described as the wildly successful Wall Street recruiting machine. Flush with cash, Wall Street firms can hire consultants and recruiters who tailor their pitches to the audience, mimicking the kinds of tests, competitive environment and validation these young people have been trained to respond to.

Ironically, Greg Smith, who recently quit(e) [typo in original] Goldman Sachs, stating his reasons in a New York Times editorial, described how he was taken in by – and later organized – just these kinds of recruiting efforts. Only his journey ended in complete disillusionment and the shameful knowledge that he was working in a den of crooks.

Yuppers, the children of the >One Percent are just scrambling for a job, right along with the rest of the ‘mud people’ (as they call us behind our backs, cowards)

Like their parents (if these jerk-offs play their cards right) they’ll never have to ‘work’ a day in their lives.

But, contrary to popular belief, ‘sucking up’ to the ‘right people’ can be a full-time job by itself.

And their parents proved to them (repeatedly) that it’s not what you know but who…

So, who are these ‘best and brightest’ minds that Wall Street tends to lure over to the ‘dark side’ of Finance?

They are your ‘straight A’ scholars, kids with an aptitude for solving problems who are also easily indoctrinated.

Not only can they do complex equations but, in their youth, they also tend to be exceedingly gullible/trusting.

How sad is it that the ‘Masters of the Universe’ don’t want ‘our’ obvious problems solved, all they want are new ways to bilk the system.

Sadly, fraud can only go, er, ‘unnoticed’ for just so long…then it has to be addressed or your whole civilization collapses.

Like our current ‘irreversible’ situation.

Yes, good citizen, we are walking our personal ‘trial of tears’ where the same people responsible for breaking our civilization start implementing ‘patches’ that fix problems no one else notices!

Like gay marriage.


Worse, my longstanding ‘optimism’ that most people were smarter than the media would have us believe is slipping…but I do live in a conservative part of the State.

Naturally, things wouldn’t be this far gone if ‘most people’ were brighter than the media thinks.

Which is to point out that the battle for the future promises to be tougher than any of us suspected, largely due to ‘indecisiveness’.

On a certain level we are (most of us) aware that we’re being ‘played’ that what the media sells us isn’t 100% true.

But we want to believe the current regime isn’t ‘pure evil’ so we sort of sigh and shrug and think, what can you do? When we see things going irrevocably wrong.

While it is the (corporate owned) media’s goal to keep us asleep, it needn’t be a deep restful sleep. Your tossing and turning and general feeling of unease is perfectly natural.

Because the Dream weavers know it’s a ‘bad old world’ out there. Always has been, always will be and they don’t see the need to ‘interfere’ with the ‘natural order of things’.

So on this Memorial Day it would be wise to take a moment and contemplate just what we’re being asked to remember.

The Dream Weavers want you to be grateful to those who died for your freedom.

But are you free?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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