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How can our civilization be collapsing while we are still achieving technological breakthroughs like this one ?
“This is, I think, going to be recognized as a significantly historical step forward in space travel,” SpaceX’s chief executive, Elon Musk, said during a news conference. “Hopefully the first of many to come.”

Mr. Musk’s dreams are far grander than delivering cargo to the space station. Although he would like to carry astronauts to the station in a few years, that would still be merely retracing accomplishments that the American and Russian space programs achieved decades ago. “It’s evolutionary, not revolutionary,” Mr. Musk agreed in an interview last month.

To accomplish Mr. Musk’s very long-term goal — sending people to Mars, which he regards as essential for ensuring the survival of humanity — SpaceX must create new technologies that fundamentally change the current equation of space travel, in which most of the vehicle is thrown away each time.

What do you mean it’s not a ‘breakthrough’?

Because you’d be correct, it isn’t.

What does this latest travesty represent? More rape of the public purse at the hands of ‘private industry’.

They are eager to demonstrate the private sector’s new found ability to travel into space but don’t you think for a second that the keys to this particular venture are up for grabs or that YOU may be the next Fred Smith of inter-planetary transport.

Ain’t happening Buckwheat and you know it! You also know why you will never get this opportunity.

What I find hysterical is how the first launch failed…although you can bet they billed NASA for it anyway!

You KNOW this whole ‘private venture’ is strictly ‘cost plus’ (because there’s NOTHING a fucking capitalist hates more than risk! They even hate risk more than they hate competition!

Then there’s the other ‘PS by the way’ snuck in there, the part about going to Mars.

You ARE aware that Mars has no ‘magnetosphere’ (a built in magnetic shield that protects us from the sun’s cosmic energy, don’t you?) Mankind can NEVER live on the surface of Mars, anyone attempting it will die!

But numbnuts wants to send people there! (He also wants to charge them big money to get there, what happens after they’re there isn’t his problem!)

Let us not forget who is dreaming this shit up, it is (once again) ‘stupid conservatives!’ who don’t give a fuck who gets hurt by their consistent failure to think things through.

Stupid is as stupid does (so don’t give stupid your money!)

Simply put, without a protective magnetosphere, there is nothing to hold the atmosphere on Mars and the ‘cosmic wind’ will carry any atmosphere we manage to create away with it!

I watched a theoretical physicist try to build a case for ‘terraforming’ Mars on the Science channel and wouldn’t you know it, he’s a conservative (so his degree is essentially meaningless because ‘facts’ are optional to him!)

Sam Neil hosts a show based on science fact that pretty much explained why all of our planetary neighbors are uninhabitable (without protective environments) he also explained why terraforming Mars would be an ‘exercise in futility’.

Our ‘best bet’ for finding a habitable, earthlike world lies outside our own solar system.

And until we can crack the secret of interstellar travel journeying to our local neighbors is essentially pointless.

Except to find elements that don’t exist on Earth…and to use those elements to create the necessary technological breakthroughs to crack the interstellar travel ‘nut’.

Again, theoretical physicists have ‘ideas’ but they don’t possess the materials necessary to test those ideas with!

And it is possible (if not probable) that some of these materials may exist on the decidedly hostile environments of our nearby neighbors.

And we won’t know unless we go and look.

Which brings us back to the recent and totally unannounced ‘privatization’ of our space program.

People who have even gone as far as to call themselves ‘Space X’. I mean, seriously?

And what do you think is going to happen when how much this little boondoggle costs leaks out?

Will we be told to ‘stick it’ if we don’t like paying up to ten times what it cost NASA to do the same job?

Will those who attack this rape of the public be condemned as Luddites who are standing athwart of ‘progress’?

Um, in an unrelated ‘it is just too much’ moment I was listening to NPR this afternoon (who might as well change their call sign to the more fitting NRR because those assholes are ‘gone’ too!) The host of All things considered was interviewing the single largest private contributor to a ‘superpac’ on the air.

And this MORON went on to explain his ‘motivation’ for pissing away 19 MILLION dollars of his money on the Romney campaign.

He said he wanted somebody in the Oval Office who knew how to manage a business!

Um, I don’t know about YOU good citizen but I don’t want ‘a businessman’ anywhere near my civil liberties!

You see good citizen, my freedom naturally inhibits his ability to profit from my labor.

I don’t have to work 24/7 and I don’t have to buy his crappy products or listen to his idiotic media because I’m free to choose (as limited as that freedom often is.)

Worse, good citizen, this brings us full circle to the ‘purpose of commerce’…and while the Roberts Court has determined that commerce exists to earn profits for its shareOWNERS. What the Roberts Court didn’t specify was that commerce earns those profits AT THE EXPENSE of the nation’s citizens!

And for THAT the court is criminal! They have deliberately distorted the very meaning/purpose of government itself!

What do we do with a ‘criminal court’, good citizen?

We bring ‘em to justice…even if we have to mete out justice ourselves.

Because, good citizen, when the time comes we shall be judge, jury and executioner!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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