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Greetings good citizen,

Sick to death of riding the media see-saw that tells you the ‘recovery’ is chugging along with one breath while reporting there are no jobs with the next?

As much as they’d love to have it both ways we all know it is one or the other…

Here are two headlines from today’s Business section:

Jobs Few, Grads Flock to Unpaid Internships

In a weak job market, many college graduates are taking unpaid internships that fail to deliver on their promises of experience by offering little more than menial work.

A Gateway to a Career Through Volunteering

Public service work can be a gateway to careers and gives new graduates time to consider options and learn about themselves.

Geez Louise, what’s wrong with this picture?

Working for no pay sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I completely understand the ‘paying it forward’ concept and getting a leg up on the competition by making yourself the best candidate for a position that may or may not materialize sometime in the fairly murky future…maybe.

Which assumes Mom and Dad can afford to put you up indefinitely (even putting off their own retirement) until YOU get ‘situated’.

Works for Bill and Linda…probably works for Warren as well (heck didn’t he already gift HIS kids with a billion a piece?)

Naturally the part that sticks in one’s craw here is the idea of making oneself ‘valuable’ to an employer (despite having gone hundreds of thousands of dollars into hock to learn a skill that numbnuts is unwilling to pay you full measure for!)

I mean. What’s the point? Why not just go out there and start your own venture?

But wait a minute…can’t do that can you…because there’s no such thing as ‘capitalist utopia’.

There isn’t enough ‘market share’ to go around…

Which presents us with another damning problem…the extreme ‘mismanagement’ of the income distribution.

How many workers does it take to make a single billionaire?

Because, believe it or not, there is a ‘co-relation’…dependent on what you’re selling.

Certain endeavors are incapable of creating even a single billionaire, which is why most billionaires have their fingers a many pies.

And without exception, ALL Billionaires are only billionaires ‘on paper’, it’s their stock holdings that make they, er, ‘rich’…and we know what a sham the stock market is.

Forgive the ‘tangent’ good citizen but very subject of the ‘uber wealthy’ makes my blood boil…in ‘a just society’ they wouldn’t exist at all!

They truly are ‘slavers’.

It is easy to see that very existence of the ‘privileged few’ is fostered by a corrupt justice system!

In this respect, the US has been a fraud from the outset! (Although it could be argued that the founders truly didn’t know better and it was a major victory that they resisted the traditional route of naming a new king.)

Yes, conditions were ‘different’ two and a half centuries ago and we can’t be too hard on the comparatively ignorants who established what has since devolved into a cluster-fuck.

Methinks the fact that the US is the OLDEST established government on the planet is a damning indictment in itself.

And the ‘status quo’ really doesn’t like the idea of changing horses with such an ‘enlightened’ public to ‘win over’.

Nope, won’t do at all.

It used to take days to learn what we now get instantly.

The old ‘too bad we didn’t know that last month’ worked out quite handily for the founders way back when.

Today they have to ‘buy’ silence and it has become quite expensive.

Most ‘information workers’ are kept in check with their paychecks. The editors play hardball with them and dictate, quite specifically, what they are looking for.

If a reporter want to keep their paycheck coming they will do what the guy who has the power to squash them tells them to do.

But sometimes the story ‘gets away’ from how the spin-doctors want it handled…and now we have a game of blackmail on our hands.

Not that there is a chance in hell of a story getting past the copy editors…but (and largely despite ‘syndication’) there are still other outlets who would be glad to ‘scoop’ the major players.

The problem is even those ‘fringe’ players have to be careful of what they run with.

Most of what you hear is ‘speculation’, but it is ‘sanctioned speculation’. It’s what the players WANT YOU TO KNOW (actually ‘think’.) It doesn’t have to be true, it only needs to be ‘credible’.

Thus are you always the ‘dupe’, lied to at every turn with no possibility of escape…or so they would have you think!

Rewind with me back to the beginning, good citizen.

Unpaid internships and volunteering WILL NOT solve the ‘employment crisis’ our entire civilization is faced with!

Our civilization is based on cheap and abundant energy, the problem we have now is the cheap and abundant energy of the future doesn’t have a reliable point of sale (meaning the status quo can’t go forward!)

How do you ‘extend’ the reign of the existing order?

By eliminating as much of the ‘surplus population’ as possible…

Don’t ask chuckle-head how he will sort out the surplus from the valuable, he will likely answer something as simplistic as how many commas they have next to their ‘net worth’ estimate…or whether or not they even have a Dunn & Bradstreet rating.

Stupid is as stupid does…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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