Friday, May 4, 2012

Revolt (faux or real?)

Greetings good citizen,

The stock markets are tanking big time but we’re used to that by now, the only question in anybody’s mind these days is what they’re doing with all of those profits they keep skimming off from their pump and dump schemes.

(Followed closely by the question of just who is stupid enough to keep buying these worthless bank stocks…the crooked bastards who operate the mutual fund your retirement account is in?)

In the end the question is purely rhetorical, the financial sector is FUBAR and all of this up and down motion in the markets is nothing more than eyewash for the hopelessly stupid.

But that’s not YOU, good citizen. You know better than to be duped by the phony DOW ‘financials’ (which is more accurate than calling them ‘industrials’.)

Either way I’ll save the ‘hard questions’ for the end of the post.

Today we have a rare (you only get to look at 10 a month) offering from the New York Times and from our favorite commentator, Paul Krugman!

So how did that happen? For the past century, political polarization has closely tracked income inequality, and there’s every reason to believe that the relationship is causal. Specifically, money buys power, and the increasing wealth of a tiny minority has effectively bought the allegiance of one of our two major political parties, in the process destroying any prospect for cooperation.

And the takeover of half our political spectrum by the 0.01 percent is, I’d argue, also responsible for the degradation of our economic discourse, which has made any sensible discussion of what we should be doing impossible.

Disputes in economics used to be bounded by a shared understanding of the evidence, creating a broad range of agreement about economic policy. To take the most prominent example, Milton Friedman may have opposed fiscal activism, but he very much supported monetary activism to fight deep economic slumps, to an extent that would have put him well to the left of center in many current debates.

It must be very frustrating to be Mr. Krugman, able to point so precisely at the crux of the problem but he isn’t permitted to offer us/speak his mind on what we should do about it…

It would drive me crazy if it were me...thankfully, it’s not!

I’m crossing the ‘fair use’ line of three paragraphs but I don’t think Mr. K will mind because it is necessary if we are to include his, er, ‘conclusion’ (which isn’t actually a ‘solution’ per se.)

No, the real structural problem is in our political system, which has been warped and paralyzed by the power of a small, wealthy minority. And the key to economic recovery lies in finding a way to get past that minority’s malign influence.

A thorny problem indeed, how do we use the ballot box to fix the ballot box?

We have, thus far, proven incapable of getting our so-called representatives to pay attention to (never mind addressing) ANY of our ‘genuine concerns.’

So how are we going to get these assholes (who routinely ignore us) to act on our behalf?

Short answer, we don’t.

Now things get ‘hairy’ as we enter the realm of ‘speculation’ but the odds are, sometime between now and December 21 we are going to see the headline ‘Washington DC under seige’ followed shortly thereafter by one that reads ‘Washington surrenders!’

What we don’t know is ‘who’ the criminal government intends to surrender to…but you know it won’t be the rag-tag ‘99 percenters’!

Could it be the even more incredible Tea Partiers? (Be mindful that there are only 30,000 of them and the corporate owned media isn’t trustworthy!)

Although they might claim to be the OWS gang…but its doubtful because people would expect almost immediate action beyond the simple shutting down of an already tapped out Wall Street.

The public will ‘demand’ blood…and it is, er, ‘incredible’ that OWS wouldn't deliver, but a faux OWS wouldn’t.

A fake OWS would shut down Wall Street, declare ‘mission accomplished’ and urge the public to 'move on'...(somehow)

Letting the ‘perps’ just walk away.

You know as well as I do that this isn’t ‘justice’…nor is it what the 99% wants.

So you know what the ‘faux’ OWS’er will throw at us next? Single payer healthcare!

And for ‘propaganda purposes’, the Progressive Party will officially ‘replace’ the Democratic party as the new ‘Occupy Party’…(with an ideological opponent to be named later since the Elephant is dead also.)

How ironic is it that the Elephant died of ‘Mad Elephant disease?’

Naturally, in the end, it all comes down to you.

If you sit on your hands and salute whatever they run up the flagpole, do you deserve any better?

A Simple Plan is right here, ready to go and it offers a lot more than the greedheads will ever offer…and it’s spelled out in black and white so there’s no quibbling!

Yes good citizen, it is ‘safe to assume’ that the ‘overthrow’ of the current government has already been ‘choreographed’. The question is whether or not you are willing to let them get away with screwing you again?

The ‘in name only’ revolution will change nothing! (new names, same old shit.)

The ‘fight’ we’re all looking for comes after the current mess crashes into its own cesspool.

The battle will be to see what rises in its place…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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