Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clean Sweep

Greetings good citizen,

Let’s begin today’s offering with the familiar refrain, ‘is this the best the (Fourth Estate) can do?

Because this post is about the ‘headlines’ in this nation’s ‘paper of record’, the NY Times…(despite conservative morons choking whenever someone else points this fact out.)

Yup, let’s take a look at what the ‘liberul media’ has on offer.

(And you know it was an idiot conservative who made up that nonsensical label…)

Um, in case you’re new here let me make it perfectly clear that I have zero love for ‘mindless conservatives’, the people who believe what they believe because they believe it.

How ironic is it that the so-called ‘liberul media’ has run yet another headline in TODAY’S PAPER about the all but forgotten Tea Party?


But enough of that, let’s have a look at today’s headlines:

U.S. May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police

The State Department could jettison a multibillion-dollar training effort by the end of 2012 that has emerged as the latest high-profile example of America's waning influence in the country.

Does something about this story strike you as ‘wrong’? Is it the ‘multi-billion dollar’ part or the ‘waning influence’ our, (er, military) has on this former (multiple) invasion victim?

Make no mistake about it good citizen, we ‘invaded’ Iraq in 1991 then we ‘officially withdrew’ (but continued to bomb the fuck out of them) until we ‘re-invaded’ in 2003.

And if you think we aren’t still bombing them, think again.

How disturbing is it good citizen that the Iraqi’s were the ‘lab rats’ for what they intend to do here?

Considering how the last almost thirty years have gone for the Iraqi’s, is it any wonder they are ‘resisting’ US style law enforcement training?

But our ‘corporate owned’ media makes no mention of this ‘background information’ and we can only wonder…why?

Well, actually we don’t wonder why…most of us are savvy enough to figure out for ourselves you write what ‘massa’ wants you to write if you want to keep getting your paycheck on Thursday.

What is even more disturbing is how the bylines are increasingly being attributed to foreign names. Like John and Jane, who lived recent US history, can’t be trusted to report it the way Rajneesh or Kim Sung (who only know the ‘whitewashed’ version that they learned in school would report it.)

Yeah, how frightening is THAT good citizen?

But I digress, let us move on:
Tea Party Focus Turns to Senate and Shake-Up

Tea Party-backed Republican candidates for the Senate are looking to infuse the upper chamber with the deep-seated conservatism that is coursing through the House.

How did we get a ‘Tea Party’ house, good citizen?

Remember the statistics, only one in five voters are ‘registered Republicans’ so how the fuck do ANY OF THEM win elected office?

You aren’t supposed to question this mathematical impossibility because it casts (SERIOUS) doubt on the ‘sanctity’ of our ‘free and fair’ elections…

Or hey, here’s and idea, you don’t suppose the patently corrupt bastards who OWN the fucking media may not be serving their own ‘business friendly’ agenda…do you?

Which is to ask, good citizen, how long are YOU going to let THEM fuck with you like this?

For our final ‘headline’ of Mother’s Day 2012 we have this story:
Degrees of Debt
A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College

Nearly everyone pursuing a bachelor's degree is borrowing money, and as prices soar, a college degree often comes with an unprecedented financial burden.
Geez bub, what the fuck do you suppose is up with this bullshit, eh?

Isn’t ‘more education’ supposed to be the singular cure to our long running and largely self-inflicted ‘unemployment crisis’?

But again the fucking worthless media has stuck to the official story that too many students have been chasing the ‘wrong’ degrees. Resulting in a mountain of (very lucrative) debt for the finance industry and lifetimes of economic woe for the hapless, succorless DUPES who get roped in by the lying politicians!

Um, understand that when the chips are down and the public looks to collect on the crimes of our ‘elected officials’, we’re going to be handed a ‘sob story’ about how everybody was doing it and they had no choice, they HAD TO go along (or they wouldn’t get re-elected!)

Tell it to the gibbet…

Because you (and those who recruited you) are going to ‘swing’ for your crimes.

But don’t fret, you won’t be alone. Most of the financial sector and ALL of the justice department will be swinging right beside you.

The new broom will, by necessity, ‘sweep clean’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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