Thursday, May 10, 2012

Table Stakes

Greetings good citizen,

Nothing like starting the day with a quick peek at the world’s markets, just to see how things are going.

Naturally, with the massive sell-off of the past few days, we have ‘bargain hunters’ scouring the world’s exchanges, converting other people’s trash into their ‘treasure’.

(When we all know what we’re actually seeing is major players buying back their own stocks at bargain basement prices!)

Buyers Drive Wall Street Higher

Stocks on Wall Street rose in morning trading as a recent string of losing sessions sent investors looking for bargains.
Why aren’t these same ‘bargain hunters’ letting prices fall further?

(Weirdly, the answer is that without high stock valuations, these idiots are broke!)

I find it doubtful that investors are being ‘encouraged’ by this misleading economic report…
U.S. Jobless Claims Fall, Trade Deficit Widens

New claims for unemployment benefits in the United States edged down last week, while the United States trade deficit widened in March, the government reported.

The ‘drop’ in new claims is, er, ‘inevitable’ as the pace of ‘shrinkage’ slows…but make no mistake about it, we are still losing more jobs than we are creating!

And that idea doesn’t factor in the increasing tendency to ‘automate’ jobs away.

In our favor is the coming energy scarcity, where ‘automating’ work will become cost prohibitive…but much worse will happen before we flip that card over.

Finally we encounter this little gem, where the consumer has been added as a ‘afterthought’:
Bernanke Says Lending Spigots Are More Open Now
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 35 minutes ago

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Thursday that many businesses and consumers are finding it easier to borrow as banks shore up their balance sheets.

Um, considering how a vast majority of the populace is NOT creditworthy we are left to wonder just WHO Mr. Bernanke is throwing wide the treasury vault doors open for?

Could it be the > One Percent?

The degree of ‘mismanagement’ on display since this whole charade began is clearly treasonous (and should be prosecuted as such…if we could find a single member of the legal community untainted by the corruption that pervades the entire industry…from Law School on up, to bring it to trial…

How fortunate is it good citizen that when push comes to shove, it is NOT the legal industry OR the ‘government’ that embodies the power of law.

No good citizen, 'We the People', ARE The Law!

NOT the guy with the badge.

NOT the guy with the robe.



How fucking sad is it that the criminals have used the clown with the robe and his tin-starred sidekick to ‘steal’ the law away from you?

The ‘honorable gentlemen’ of the law have lifted it beyond your feeble grasp…because you were unfit to wield it wisely.

How friggin’ sad is it that those who stole the law from you have proven even more unfit to safeguard it?

Well, good citizen, time has shown that we have arrived once again at a point where we must pluck the law from the greedy hands of the self-serving and place it beyond their reach…forever!

Thus are the fruits of revolution preserved!

Because history also shows that the law is quickly snatched back from the control of the many and returned to the self-interested few all too soon after a social upheaval.

That’s why A Simple Plan places the law beyond the reach of the self-interested (didn’t know there was an ‘upside’ to this ‘direct democracy’ thing, did you?)

The laws, (even the slightest of them) cannot be altered without a supermajority vote of the general public…regardless of the circumstances.

Which is to direct your attention back to the ‘Why’ our civilization is falling apart.

The criminals would have you think it is YOUR fault, that YOU weren’t willing to ‘pay the price’ for civil society.

When the truth is their ‘theft of justice’ is the reason civilization itself is collapsing.

We are living with the results of ‘justice for a few’ (at the expense of the rest) right now.

Until we repair this ‘breach’ in the social contract, our species is doomed.

Thems is ‘the stakes’ good citizen, whether you likes ‘em or not.

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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