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Social Suicide

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The ‘decay’ of the news cycle has made weekends roughly equivalent to the workweek, news wise. The fact that it’s an election year also helps matters considerably.

Um, Mr. Chomsky makes a rather astute observation when he points out the ‘suicidal’ side of globalization…but the important thing to keep in mind is how the privileged few waxed extremely wealthy by literally grabbing a larger slice of the pie for themselves.

In the first paragraph of the excerpt below he makes another insightful observation but, again, fails to arrive at the appropriate conclusion…

Leaving us to wonder just what’s wrong with these Ivory Tower types?
NC: Again there are differences. In Europe there’s a dangerous growth of ultra xenophobia, which is pretty threatening to any one who remembers the history of Europe… and an attack on the remnants of the welfare state. It’s hard to interpret the austerity-in-the-midst-of-recession policy as anything other than attack on the social contract. In fact, some leaders come right out and say it. Mario Draghi the president of the European Central Bank had an interview with the Wall St Journal in which he said the social contract’s dead; we finally got rid of it.

In the US, first of all, the electoral system has been almost totally shredded. For a long time it’s been pretty much run by private concentrated spending but now it’s over the top. Elections increasingly over the years have been [public relations] extravaganzas. It was understood by the ad industry in 2008 -- they gave Barrack Obama their marketing award of the year. This year it’s barely a pretense.

The Republican Party has pretty much abandoned any pretense of being a traditional political party. It’s in lockstep obedience to the very rich, the super rich and the corporate sector. They can’t get votes that way so they have to mobilize a different constituency. It’s always been there, but it’s rarely been mobilized politically. They call it the religious right, but basically it’s the extreme religious population. The US is off the spectrum in religious commitment. It’s been increasing since 1980 but now it’s a major part of the voting base of the Republican Party so that means committing to anti-abortion positions, opposing women’s rights… The US is a country [in which] eighty percent of the population thinks the Bible was written by god. About half think every word is literally true. So it’s had to appeal to that – and to the nativist population, the people that are frightened, have always been… It’s a very frightened country and that’s increasing now with the recognition that the white population is going to be a minority pretty soon, “they’ve taken our country from us.” That’s the Republicans. There are no more moderate Republicans. They are now the centrist Democrats. Of course the Democrats are drifting to the Right right after them. The Democrats have pretty much given up on the white working class. That would require a commitment to economic issues and that’s not their concern.

See, I’m not the only one to notice that the Democratic Party has literally ‘disappeared’ (and what’s left isn’t worth voting for.)

When there is no one representing your (social/economic) position ANYWHERE in the political spectrum, the seeds of revolution are being sown!

The ‘anger’ that is nearly palpable in this country is born of the realization that those who represent the working people no longer have a seat at the table.

This election is following the last one with it’s unswerving focus on the ‘plight of the (largely phantom) Middle Class’…well, fucktards, what about the Working Class?

There are more of us than there are of them and we’re choking down here!

Worse, it appears the sentiment reflected by the corporate owned media is that of ‘let ‘em choke’ (they’re the ‘surplus population’ anyway!)

Well, ya know what that attitude will get you?

It will get you ‘the burning bed’.

You abandon the social contract at your extreme (personal) peril.

There’s no place to run. No place to hide.

Which is to opine that politics in this, er, ‘world’ are a fucking joke (and a very sick one at that!)

How blatant does it have to get?

“Help me throw the rest of these people under the bus and I’ll make sure you get ‘a cut’”

That’s how politics is ‘done’ today!

Let’s take a quick peek at today’s top headline:

Reasons Abound for Ebb in Job Growth

Economists cited various possible factors behind the addition of only 115,000 jobs in April, but none are likely to comfort 13.7 million jobless workers.

Yet no where in this article will you find it expressed as, “so long as our politicians continue to export all of the work, there won’t be enough jobs to support our society!”

Even the exquisitely succinct Mr. Chomsky doesn’t go there.

So while you’re thinking about which college your kid should apply to, you might want to consider some kind of a ‘back-up plan’ in case he graduates and finds the exact same kind of economic desert his predecessors have found upon graduation.

No amount of ‘book learning’ prepares you for a life in an economic desert.

And that’s just what the ‘more for me’ Libertarians have done to the global economy. They’ve turned it into a wasteland where the ‘social contract’ no longer functions…

The ‘worse’ part of this little ‘economic mis-step’ is the idiots don’t realize what kind of savagery they have unleashed.

The outcast survivor will tear them apart and show absolutely no mercy.

And we can all thank our mercenary greedheads…

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